Do I really need a log lighter?

bickybeeJune 15, 2010

We are restoring/refacing the fireplace in our 1965 ranch house. The fireplace has a gas log lighter which we could remove at this point if we want.

The gas pipe of the log lighter runs along the center of the fireplace. There is a log holder over top of that which raises the fire off the floor of the fireplace. Coals fall through the grate onto the hearth below.

I want to occasionally cook in the fireplace by placing foods on the hearth in front of the fire. If the fire is raised off the floor of the hearth it won't be at the same level as the food.

I'm thinking I want to remove the gas log starter and the log holder so I can build the fire directly on the hearth.

Do you think I will miss the log starter?

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