Will I Save Enough / Asthma Concerns

luvmylabsJune 23, 2008

Hello! My oil company is quoting my price cap at $4.49 - $4.89 per gallon for 2008-2009. What do the premium pellets sell for by the ton nowadays? Do I need to be concerned about availability or lack thereof this coming season? I would hate to invest in this and find prices going through the roof just like oil!

I am wondering will I save enough with a pellet stove to make it worth it as supplemental heat? We have typically used about 800 gallons of oil in each of the last three winters for an 1800 square foot raised ranch in the North East, but the winters have been pretty mild recently. I always reserve 1000 gallons in case we get a really cold winter, and that would probably be the most we would use. We do have new windows in most of the house, but it is not well built (1974) and is a bit drafty and probably not well insulated by today's standards. How many tons do you think I would need?

Also, in trying to decide what to put in the open (arched) fireplace in the downstairs family room, I am concerned about my son's asthma. We don't use the open fireplace for this reason. Will a wood stove insert or pellet insert be very noticeable or should it probably not be a problem? Which would be better in this case? I know when the neighbors are burning their fireplaces, the smoke smell in the neighborhood can be very irritating and I try to limit his exposure by keeping windows closed, and entering/exiting the house quickly, etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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You might want to consider a direct vent gas insert for your downstairs fireplace. If you do not have natural gas in your home, you can get a system that is compatible with propane. The big advantage of the direct vent is that it is a closed system and does not affect indoor air quality. It is equipped with 2 vents, one to exhaust the fumes and the other to bring in fresh air into the firebox to feed the combustion. These systems ae highly efficient and Energy Star rated. They also make free standing direct vent stoves in all sizes and capacities.

I do not know the price of propane but given the high efficiency of these units, I think you'll get a lot of heat for your dollar. Google direct vent gas and shop around.

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First, to e totally up front, I am a rep for Tulikivi.

However, I also have severe asthma and used to spend a week or two a year in the hospital because of it. I am very sensitive to smoke. However, we heated our 3000 sq ft house this winter with less than 3 cords of wood and did not turn on either the gas furnace or the heat pump upstairs because of our Tulikivi. Oil heat is one of the worst for asthma. Feel free to email me if you have any questions because it has taken me a long time to learn how to totaly manage this disease

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