Critique my mantle! Help!

eastTXmegJune 30, 2014

I can not figure out how to decorate my mantle for the life of me. I've tried a million different things arranged a million different ways. Please give suggestions/advice. The room is painted a light gray with white trim. My taste is a vintage-y/country/natural vibe. The sofa is cream colored and the room is accented with blues and natural material items with hints of gold thrown in. The art above the mantle will stay. I made it, therefore I love it and it doubles as a cover for two large sconce holes in the stone that I had to cover. My main dilemma is the dang outlet right in the center. You can see the plethora of items I've toyed with in the bottom of the picture. Any feedback is much appreciated!

*sorry if the picture is not oriented correctly! I am using my ipad to post this.

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IMO - your art is nice, but it gets lost in the stone. Have you thought of putting your art on another wall and leaning photos, a tall mirror, or, just leaning your art on the mantle? Are the sconce holes wired? Maybe lean your art on the mantle and wire two accent lights to shine down on the art.

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That looks nice up there, your art. And as you have indicated your intent to keep and the why is with good reason well....Plus I LOVE it!

I would likely do a scattering of natural things in black, brown, maybe a bright color in small fusion and fill things with wiry or natural woody kind of decor on that mantle. The old lookin' book is a yes, the old lookin' box is a yes, the gold candle thing is a yes...the rest no. Nothing too tall, and white is just distracting. And I think a small light of like a little tiffany mosaic something or other would look nice and hide that outlet while making use of it. What a nice fireplace :)

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