Shopping for Leather Furniture

WolfpackmomFebruary 9, 2013

Please help! I am shopping for Leather furniture. Have never had it before. Have gone to high end furn stores and basic local furn store. Have seen H&M and B/Y, Smith Bros...$2500.+ for a sofa. Ashely furn, Futura, 1200.+ for a sofa. High end I cannot afford but love, low end I a finding very cheap looking. I need something in the middle...any suggestions - maybe $2k for a couch and $1K for chair/ottoman or recliner.

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Ashley uses pine plywood frames, low quality leather and overall quality is cheap. They just wont stand behind their product after a few years of use. A hardwood frame doweled, glued and screwed is essential. 8 -gauge No-Sage sinuous wire springs in a hardwood frame will last as long or longer than a 8-way hand tied coils. Many people will try to tell you different but independent laboratory tests and tests by the 2 major spring manaufacturers: Legget & Platt and Hickory Springs will guarantee their sinuous wire springs for life. Buy full grain leather only and dont buy split, bicast or composite man made leather.
Their are a few manufacturers that offer a full grain leather in a hardwood frame for about 1500.00 , icustomsofa is one.

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One suggestion visit your local retailer and see if they have something on the floor they have had for a while and hasn't sold often times they will sell an item like this for cost or even below cost.

Another check out Craigs list. I know for example a company that sets up shows. They buy high end furniture for the show and then sell it off at cost on Craigs list

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Leather furniture is one of the most elegant and stylish furniture that one can buy.If you buy online store you can get the great deal possible and find a excellent piece of furniture that will always look good, feel comfortable and last forever.

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