Holy 90's! Someone help!

JAWRIG2292June 25, 2014

I just purchased a home and the fireplace screams late 90's. What can I do while maintaining the oak wood around it to modernize? What would look good to replace the old tile? Anyone have specific examples? I have no style, I just no that looks bad.

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Wow, to a lot of us, the 90s was just a few years ago. I didn't realize it was antiquity.

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any suggestions??

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Personally, this old man who actually lived waaaayyy back in the 1990s thinks it's a timeless design and looks good just as it is.

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I'm no expert, but I would lose the brass for sure. Either paint it black, or preferably silver. IMHO, the oak to me either screams "vintage", "rustic", or "90's". If you're not into a craftsman, vintage, or rustic look, I would personally prefer to paint it white. However, that is my personal opinion.

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Kill the brass, strain the oak darker if you really want to get adventurous....

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It would help for us to know the overall vision for the house to know how to make the fireplace work within it.

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I agree get rid of the gold on the stove part, that screams 90's more than anything. The oak is really nice, doesn't seem nicked or badly treated, if you like the look. I agree with legallin paint the fireplace surround white. Also I would pull off the two little rectangles on the front face of the fireplace surround as they look "dorky". This will give a cleaner look to the fireplace surround. Leave the oak trim on windows. You might consider painting the baseboards white also, to make them disappear into the wall color, this will visually expand the area.

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I will be installing a fireplace in the home we are building. Basement poured and actual building will begin in a week or so. I have done a LOT of research on fireplace surrounds , my advice for updating would be to paint it white and replace the tile with something darker. I agree, loose the metal on the front.
Good luck!

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I think it looks more 80's or maybe early 90's but yes, I think it looks a bit in need of help. Maybe post on the decorating forum for lots of ideas? I know you can paint that brass stuff with brass high heat (stove) paint... that's the first thing I'd do!

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I had the same exact doors. I took the doors off, taped the glass and sprayed Rustoleom High Heat in matte black. It looks great. I plan on ripping the old pre fab out in the future and put a stove with an alcove. But for now the matte black tones down the 90s bling.

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I know this is an older thread, but I have to put in my two cents. In my opinion, its not the firebox that is the problem. It's the hideous tile that surrounds it. It looks like cheap, builder grade tile that would be on a kitchen floor, looking ugly there as well. You could leave the mantle as is or stain it a different shade of brown, and even leave the brass on the front of the firebox, but install a stacked stone look and it would look a thousand times better. You could paint the mantle black and install a white marble in place of the tile, or white mantle/black granite, white mantle/white marble, etc. There are so many stone and tile options out there, you should be able to find something you like. Google fireplace images, and of the million images that can pop up, I'm sure you will find something to inspire you. You will find, when looking at them, that its not really the firebox that catches the eye, but the tile/stone/mantles, that surround that firebox that make it look good or bad.

I wonder what the original poster ended up doing?

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