anyone had bicast leather furniture for years?

melissastarFebruary 18, 2011

I'm trying to assess the cost/value trade off of two different loveseats. The styles are similar and both would work well. But one is bicast leather on what is surely an inexpensive frame (available from The color it comes in won't work for me, but even after paying someone to dye it (yes, it can be done) it will cost in the neighborhood of just $600.

The quality alternative is the real grain leather, in good quality (Grade 4), 8-way hand-tied springs, etc. from Lee Industries. Purchasing through Alan Ferguson (which according to other posts here is a great deal), we're talking over $3,000 delivered.

Now I realize that the Lee full-grain loveseat will last a lifetime and the other won't come close. The question really is whether the cheap version will last long enough, looking good enough to make it the better value...or at least a good value, since I'd doubtless have to save up for a while before I could spring for the $3,000 version.

Things to note: I have no young children, the piece won't be exposed to direct sunlight and isn't likely to see particularly hard wear. I intend to use it as a banguette for a dining room table, which for the next year or two will get some use from a teenager still at home, but then, rarely used.

Any thoughts? Anyone had a similar piece to the Overstock cheapie for long enough to now how it holds up?

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My experience of bicast was through a sofa set I had as a student. It was within 3 months that we noticed the surface cracking and peeling and wasn't long before the poor thing was in tatters.

But should say that it did get a lot of usage and was not particularly well looked after as you might expect in a student house!

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