Floor stain color help please- coffee brown?

MrsBradJanuary 5, 2014

We are getting our oak floors refinished and stained this week. I am leaning toward duraseal coffee brown. I am looking for a medium/ dark rich brown stain with no red undertones. I would love for the wood grain to show through. I know I don't want super dark like ebony. My floor contractor suggested provincial, said its a popular option, but I think it's lighter than I want. I haven't had a chance to test out each color on the floor yet. I'm hoping to do that tomorrow. I would really love to see some pictures and hear experiences from those of you who have gone through this process. Has anyone used coffee brown? We plan on using a satin finish.

This is a photo with floors I love:

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The photo has some natural reds in it. Coffee brown will be darker than that. And with that dark of a color i highly suggest water popping. Dark stains can be difficult to stain. It takes a good pro to get it correct.

Wish you luck.

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Thanks for the info Greg!

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As long as you don't mind the graininess (on Oak), Coffee Brown is great. We use it to get a dark color for people avoiding red tones. As gregmills pointed out, your floor finisher could water pop the floor before staining. This would darken the hard grain giving you a darker color overall and a less grainy appearance.

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We just had wood flooring put in last spring and I chose the coffee stain. I love it so much that it isn't even healthy! I will try to post a picture for you tomorrow. We chose rift and quartersawn white oak, and it is gorgeous. I usually find something to be critical about when I buy/install something in my house, but this time I have no regrets AT ALL. We had the flooring company do the water pop to show the grain more, and it's perfect. And believe me, I never, ever say anything is perfect. :)


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Victoria, I am so excited to hear this! I have decided to go with the coffee brown and I'm eagerly anticipating the floors getting done. They are all sanded. Just waiting on stain. I would LOVE to see a picture of yours!

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I know it's too late to help you, I'm sorry I didn't get this sent earlier! Snow storms had our schedules all changed, and I couldn't post until now. Here is an extremely close-up picture of ours. I think the ipad flash adds a red tone, which is not there at all IRL. I hope you love your floors!


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Mrs. Brad - how did your floors turn out?

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Glad2be: Thanks for checking back. I LOVE the floors! I appreciate your post and your pic. It reassured me of my decision and I am so happy with how they turned out. This picture does not do them justice, and they are actually a little darker than they appear in this photo. Thanks for everyone's input!

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Oh I'm so happy you love them! They look great - and I know exactly what you mean about pictures - it's almost impossible. I can see what they really look like by your wall. They are a perfect in between color, not too light and not too dark. Enjoy them!

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