Collection Agency and Validation??

wnlbutterflyMarch 22, 2004

Not sure if it's validation or verification...I get confused. I got my TU Credit Report (well, actually hubby's as he brings in most of the income). And there is only three issues on there to deal with (which considering what we have been through isn't bad).

One is an old medical bill that is in collections. What do I send to this CA to get more info? It is only 1 year from being SOL (statute of limitations), and only $300. If I were to pay it off, what is the best way to get them to update the credit report so that it is showing improvement?

The second is a Tire company card which I just paid off, so that should get taken care of quickly (did dispute online).

And the third was just an update on the Cap 1 that I paid off recently as well. Any suggestions is appreicated. THANKS


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Before sending any money, you might contact the collection agency and have them send you a copy of the bill and what you owe. Also you might contact the medical office to make sure they have turned the bill over to the collection agency you are dealing with. Some collection agencies will send notices to all those with like/similar names, even though they don't owe any money.

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