Canadians: Free Income Tax Preparation for Low-Income Persons

joyfulguyMarch 11, 2003

The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency trains a group of Volunteers who prepare the income tax returns of low-income people, at various clinics scattered thoughout the area.

Single taxpayers with annual income under $20,000. qualify, as do couples with income under $25,000.00.

Housebound taxpayers can have their return prepared at their homes.

For further explanation, see thread in "Retirement" forum.

Learning how the tax system works is an interesting hobby - that pays well.

Good wishes for a prosperous season, all.

joyful guy Ed Baker

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thanks, ed

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Hi all,

At our Appreciation gathering, I found out that, though clinics are held in about four nearby counties, when I asked about one where I used to be a clergyperson, they said that there have been no recent clinics. One person in a village has prepared returns on an individual basis but, being employed, did not want to operate a clinic.

So I plan to try to organize about half a dozen in various towns before next year, with volunteers trained in the area, if possible.

Is such a service available in the U.S.?

Good wishes for as few tax-related hassles as possible.

By the way - now's a good time, somewhat more than half way through this year, to make plans to reduce your tax load for this and subsequent years.

Tax evasion can send (little guys) to jail - but tax avoidance should be practised by every taxpayer.

joyful guy

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Available again this year (for 2010, not 2002, this time) ...

limits about $25,000. single and $35,000. married.

I was pleased with myself last year, in having arranged my affairs (via substantial charitable and some political contributions) ...

... to reduce my Federal tax load to zero.

And the provincial liability was low, possibly nil, till I got down to the recently-initiated Health Levy and had to pay a few hundred for that.

But I should not complain ... as I made substantial use of the healthcare services, for nil or minimal cost, during this past year.

And I used to say that we should all be willing to pay a portion of the cost of running the country ...

... and then light fires under our legislators when we believed them to be running it/them improperly!

At least ... we can do that, most of the time, without getting banged on the head for our trouble.

Or locked up.

ole joyful

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Hi Ed,
Good to see that you are still around.
Am still working though I am getting the "Are you retired?" question more often.
Can't use your service. In dollar terms my income has never been higher.

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Hi again Ian,

Glad to hear that things are going well with you.

I've had a few varicose veins, and a couple of weeks after a shot to shrink one last fall was awakened early one Sunday morning with a pain - pulmonary embolism: clot to the lung.

Some tests in emerg and gave me a shot of blood thinner, got my breath better and have been pretty well back to normal since - with the assistance of a daily shot of rat poison.

Hey - maybe you could use my service, after all - how about arranging things to pay less income tax next year?

How about retiring early? Or working toward it?

One of the nice things about retirement - every day is ...

... holiday!!

Enjoy your winter - what's left of it.

ole joyful

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