Anyone know anything about Ark Flooring?

mr_nimJanuary 30, 2010

I'm thinking about buying a bunch of it. Originally we were going with a dark red cherry made by Columbia but we are nervous about the softness and light sensitivity of cherry. Now we found a similar color by Ark that is in Maple but it is significantly cheaper (columbia is 12$ while Ark is 7.25$) and I can't seem to find any reviews on Ark.


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Oh, to clarify, I'm looking at solid hardwood. Any thoughts on Ark's quality?

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Man, NO ONE has used Ark flooring, eh? That makes me nervous.

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Read their web site. They private label products from various companies from around the world. Dark and maple? likely a Chinese product.

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We installed Ark flooring in January. It was engineered since we have a concrete slab. The wood was Curupay (or Patagonian Rosewood) from Brazil. Obviouxly I can't testify to the quality over time but we are impressed so far. The floor is beautiful. It has a big color variation from blonde to dark brown but more of a blended (not busy) look. We are very happy with it.

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I was interested in an Ark floor until I realized it was made in China, and the one I was looking at also used wood from China. Still trying to stay away from all China made building products so I passed. The very honest flooring rep I was dealing with shook his head when I went near that line, so I also took that as a sign to steer clear.

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Ark sells their factory seconds, and defective products to Urban Floor, Los Angeles, CA area, who repacks it into Urban Floor cartons and sells it as #1 grade flooring. Urban Floor is what you should definitely avoid.

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Urban Floor has not and never will purchase seconds from any company. We import our own products, and do not buy any other suppliers products and repackage, as claimed above.

We strive in making sure that all our products go through an extensive Quality Control Process.

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I have been doing business with Urbanfloor for a long time now. I have nothing but great experience with their products. Almost 100% of my customers are happy with Urban Floor. "Mrwood" be ashamed of yourself for starting a false rumor!

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Hmmmm....I wonder is flooringdepot304 and Urban Floor are the same person.

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