Fireplace chimney cap stink bugs help

golfschnellJune 9, 2011

Anybody know of a manufacturer who makes a large screen cap that will encapsulate a effluent cap that is at the top of the chimney. I have a Mendota unit that I love but the stink bugs keep getting into the chimney and house through the exhaust stack. I contacted mendota directly and they said they did not make anything to cover and also stated that I could not directly apply screening to the unit. So I am looking for something cylindrical or square about 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall with small insect screening that will not impede the unit. I can attach it to the cap plate on the bottom of the cap unit by weld or adhesive. Thanks in advance.

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Had the exact same problem- stink bugs getting into the stainless steel chimney liner for our woodstove, as well as the chimney itself. I was FREAKING- first fire of the season brought them dropping down into the house. I HATE those things ! Here's what we did: Bought a roll of screening (that you use to re-screen windows and doors), unrolled it, folded it in half, then stapled it all around- purpose was to double the strength of the screen. Then we folded it again, and double stapled it down the two long sides, but leaving one end open like a pillowcase. Slipped it over the chimney in August-before stinkbug swarming period. Strapped it on using over-sized plastic ties (don't know what they're called- zip ties maybe ?) Left the screening in place until swarming period was over, which is usually late October, early November. Removed it before we start burning. Pain in the ass, and requires going up on our steep roof twice a year, but trust me, works like a charm ! Just put it on again for the third year a couple weeks ago. Hope you see this message-good luck.

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