Painting a Limestone Fireplace

teddybcallJune 19, 2014

Hi, I would love to paint our limestone fireplace white but I am getting mixed messages from contractors. 1 said they can do it but 2 said you can't paint limestone that it will just flake off. Has anyone done this and if so can you share how it turned out and/or any pictures? I'm looking to paint ours white. It is currently cream with brown and gold. Thanks!

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Painting stone or brick of any type is a very bad idea. Both from an aesthetic viewpoint and a functional one. It takes a beautiful almost zero maintenence surface and turns it into a fake high maintenence one.

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In my opinion, you can easily paint your brick fireplace.
I had one old red brick fireplace and painted it using a fireplace paint kit and it looks awesome.

I did it myself, so, I just paid the money on the kit and not to a professional painter (who by the way gave me such an expensive offer!!!!) and I love the results.

If you want to do it, I found a lot of useful videos on how to do it on YouTube and also read a couple of articles about the topic and then, I just did it. I had some doubts at first because I had the same issue (my friends telling me that I'm crazy to paint my fireplace) but, hey, they said "congrats" afterwards, so...

Good luck! And if you do proceed with painting your fireplace, follow up with pics! :)

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