Dont do Vonage with DSL

muddbellyMarch 9, 2008

I recently decided to save a little loot switching to vonage after being bombarded with the commercials. It was friday night around 9pm when I did everything over the internet to join. I got to keep my same phone number, and it looks like I would save e few bucks a month. I felt good.

About 30 minutes later, I get an email saying there is a problem with my switch. Since my DSL number was the same number I was trying to switch, I was told I needed to get another phone line, switch my DSL to that number, and then I could switch my number - if not done in 10 days, they would change my number.

Well, having just moved, I know "just getting another phone line" involved paying to get another line. I didn't want a new number either, so I decided to just cancel my order. This is where the BS begins.

After waiting through at least 20 mins of Muzak, I was connected to an operator who told me cancellations can only happen MON-FRI 9-5. I told her no, just cancel it now - I just ordered online and I want to cancel. At NO TIME during the ordering was I told I needed to purchase another phone line. The main reason people have DSL is so they can surf & talk on the same phone line. No help, but she said that she noted on the account to cancel.

So I call back Monday to cancel and I find that they had already shipped the phone device, and I was going to have to pay to return it. I also was charged a cancellation fee. While I will get back the charges eventually, I am still stuck with the hassle of returning the damn box they sent.

Vonage sucks.

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I have been with vonage for years, no compliants , very low price. i called comcast this weekend to cancel and switch to fios tv and was told i needed to call back monday.

on a side note vonage is great service, great price, but sometimes requires a bit of tech ability

i have used them with comcast and verizon fios and havnt had a problem. only had to call like twice in last few years.

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You just ordered the service on Fri, March 7?

Does it say anywhere on Vonage's site that you have to get a second phone line in order to use this? You might want to print a copy of the terms for your records.

Did you note the time of your call and get the name and employee id# of the operator? When I have to talk to cc providers, etc., I always get this even before I tell them the purpose of my call. That way they will be less likely to hang up on you or give you false info. I'd also ask what city they are in as Vonage probably has call centers all over the U.S.

What was your method of payment? If it was a credit card, call them and dispute the charge. Follow up in writing, certified mail/return receipt.

Make sure you refuse delivery of the phone device so you don't have to pay to return it. You shouldn't have to pay a cancellation fee for a product you never took delivery on, let alone used.

If this fails, there are three other suggestions. 1) State attorney general, 2) consumer reporter for your local paper, or 3) do a google search of "Vonage, investor relations/public relations, email contact". Find the names of the execs that are just under the CEO, etc. This worked VERY well for me when I had problems with Earthlink. I sent an email to 5 of the names. I tried to be as concise as possible and sandwiched my complaint between two compliments. One of these contacts turned my letter over to someone who contacted me in writing with profuse apologies, complete refund and free service for a year. Bad publicity is something they want to avoid. Turn this to your advantage.

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The problem most likely lies with your understanding on how DSL works.

DSL is essentially, internet over your phone line. In general, you need to have phone service to have DSL. There is such a thing as "naked" DSL, ie without a phone line. However, I think it is limited in ther areas where it is offered and only certian companies offer it.

You could try and talk to Vonage about transfering your number later. You possibly could get a new number with Vonage, keep your old phone number, get new internet service, then port your number vonage and cancel your hardline phone.

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another option is to get just basic phone service with no long distance and use that line for dsl and use vonage or whatever voip you want as your main number for long distant etc

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