selecting and purchasing new gas direct vent fp

lisa98112June 30, 2007

We are still in the early research stage of installing a new gas fireplace into our unfinished basement. We are pretty sure we want a direct vent one. Went to two local fireplace shops today to check them out. Any opinions on Hampton, Mendota, Regency or Majestic brands? Since we have yet to do the framing, would it be more cost effective to get a cabinet style mantel or a flat front?

How much should one expect to spend for a 36" fireplace including screen and mantel? Are there other sources than retail fireplace shops? For example: online sources, Costco, Home Depot or Lowes.

Just trying to decide if it makes financial sense to add one and if the electric ones are too cheesy. It just seems like it easily could be $5000 for a middle of the line fireplace including install and that's a bit more than we had budgeted.

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To me, the electric ones are too cheesy: not better than nothing.

But a Mendotta can run 5k BEFORE the install. A corner mount of a mid sized, mid ranged FP should be do-able for well under 5k, especially if you keep the surround pretty simple and straight forward: you can always cover the drywall with marble down the road.

I'm using a Mendotta in the great room, but the finished basement will have something cheaper.

Ask yourself how often you'll use the space-- Twice a week?-- and how much value you'll receive from the FP each ussage-- $1? $5? If the payoff is too far down the road, I wouldn't bother.

But if the FP adds $10 of enjoyment each time you use the basement and you find you use it 5 or more times a week, the payoff comes much sooner, and would definetely be worth it.

Oh: I don't think your going to save a bunch by buying online. Odds are you'll be calling the local FP shop for install, anyway...

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