Chimney Cover/Cap Copper or Stainless Steel?

f1668065June 5, 2013

Coastal area of South Florida; new copper flashing at base of chimney & at roof to wall connection in front of house.

It's my understanding that copper should function best in coastal areas but will look ugly green sooner rather than later...and possibly lead to green water runoff.

I'm looking for function over beauty (just don't want it look bad or clash with copper flashing, which I'm seeking opinions on in Paint forum, whether or not to paint) in a cover/cap similar to the one in the pic along with a full chase cover plus 3" drip edge on bottom. FWIW: The damper works fine & closes inside the house.

That said, copper or stainless steel?

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Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I definitely wouldn't paint, unless your willing to take regular trips up a ladder to repaint. The zinc from the copper can leachate and for the price I would choose stainless.

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Ugly is as ugly does ;) The only thing I'm considering painting is the flashing (posted in Paint forum) not the chimney cover/cap.

My only concern is how do you think it will look with a stainless chimney cap and copper flashing at both the bottom of the chimney & also along the roof to wall connection in front of house?

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