I think Pledge ruined my furniture! please help!

zenobia0000February 11, 2008

I'm so upset, i've been looking for a solution to this problem, and can't find anything on the net.

I used to use pledge all the time on my wood composite, faky furniture, and it was fine. But recently I got real wood furniture, and used pledge on it, and it was fine at first, but now whenever i put anything on it, it creates whitish marks, almost like a film. I can rub them out with my hand only, a cloth really doesen't work as well. Anyway, it's all blotchy and uneven! I don't know what kind of finish my furniture is, but it's not shiny, if that helps!

I've seem the posts that say that it can't be refinished, and that makes me really mad! Anyway, is there any way to get the pledge off? I've only applied it once. How can get it off and get rid of those marks and what should I do to clean my furniture in the future?

Also, did I ruin my floors using murphy's oil soap? My floors are polyurethaned, but not sealed? What's a good product to use on the floors?


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Pledge doesn't work real well if there is furniture wax on the piece and you applied it over the wax. It can make the mix streaky and gummy. Get some plain old mineral spirits out (yes, its smelly!) and some clean rags. Liberally wipe the piece down the mineral spirits (turning the rag frequently) and that will take you to as close as you will get to the bare topcoat. From there you can use a wax or polish of your choice and try again.

Duane Collie

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"My floors are polyurethaned, but not sealed? What's a good product to use on the floors?"

Poly IS a sealer... all I do to mine is damp mop with plain water.

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FYI, Pledge and many other furniture polishes contain silicone, which is difficult to remove even with mineral spirits. Silicone causes fisheye if you try to refinish. Fisheye can be overcome, but it adds to the difficulty and expense of refinishing. Try what Duane suggests first, and if that doesn't work you can either live with it or take it to a refinisher.

Good luck,

Paul Downs

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Paul Downs,
If not Pledge, could you please tell us then what do you recommend for cleaning wood furniture? Nothing? Just a plain rag?

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I'm not Paul - but I have been doing what the manufacturer's suggest for my furniture....
I use a cloth diaper with lemon oil, or a barely, barely damp cloth diaper.

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It depends on the finish, but a damp rag usually is sufficient. If there is food crusted on the surface, keep rubbing it and it will eventually loosen and disappear. That's all I use on my stuff, but then again I have kids and the house is a mess and I'm not bothered by a bit of dirt. I would not recommend any oils or furniture polishes - wood does not need to be fed. There are situations where an application of wax every 2-3 years is helpful. And there are many situations where nothing but dusting is needed. My recommendation: when in doubt, do less than you think.

Paul Downs

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