Is Nafco Permastone vinyl flooring good?

gaviota_galJanuary 17, 2011

We are putting a new floor in our kitchen. The house is 85 years old and we have been redoing it for 34 years. We want a beautiful floor that is easy to care for and our three dogs won't hurt. We had a very expensive solid vinyl, commercial floor for 25 years but water leaks warped the subfloor and we are tired of the tiles any way. We want a stone look and the only floor we really like the look of is the Nafco Permastone slate but two flooring dealers (who don't carry Nafco) said it is not a great floor and we would be sorry. It looks great and we like it much more than Amtico which many flooring people say is "the best". It just doesn't look the way we want it to.

Do you have any experience with the Permastone tiles?

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Permastone is an excellent product. It should perform extremely well.We sell a descent amount of it residentially and it is becoming more and more specified commercially.

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Hi Floortech: Thank you for your follow up. You seem to have a lot of expertise in the field of flooring. I suspected that the two flooring people with whom I spoke might have been steering me away from Permastone because they didn't carry it. The last one said they didn't carry it because it was like a layer of paper which would peel off. I said it was solid vinyl with the color running all the way through it and he said that he was referring to the top layer of finish. That scared me. I can't remember the manufacturer of the floor I have had all of these years but it is almost as good today as it was the day it was installed except for the problems with my subfloor which we will have corrected when we replace the floor.

I had been convinced that Amtico was the quality I wanted but the look is so ordinary. I would like it in a bathroom but not in the kitchen. Do you think that the Nafco product will perform as well as the Amtico?
Thank you for sharing your knowledge

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I do not know anything about Amtico. I do know that permastone we have installed in old folks home dining room and doing beautifully (only 1 year old though..but lots of abuse compared to residential). I just cant comment on stuff we dont sell as all of the manufacturer reps BS about there stuff. I like to have history in order to comment. Sorry

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I sold lots of vinyl tile flooring from many manufacturers. We had hardly any consumer complaints with the Nafco products.

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I have read negative remarks on Duraceramic and Permastone. I need to use a vinyl tile product and am not sure between the two what to choose. Consumers Report rates Duraceramic higher but gives Permastone a 'best buy' rating with Adura coming in third. Anyone out there who has had their floor for awhile and loves/hates it? Would really like to hear from you.

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We sell both..stock both..and understand it as well as anyone. Truthfully, I believe for overall performance, i trust Permastone over Duraceramic. The grout fit version on the permastone has a tiny tiny little gap when joined together on one corner of the tile. hardly noticeable but that bugs me....If you go without grout lines, Nafco does not require joint sealer. DuraCeramic will chip easier in my mind but looks more realistic. both are great against water. My 3 sales people prefer Duraceramic, but I as the owner prefer Nafco overall. If you grouted the Nafco by hand with the Duraceramic grout( which is actually approved by Nafco) you will have the best of both worlds. Just my opinion.

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Permastone is an excellant product. If you have found the look you want in a Permastone product then rest assured you have found a quality product.

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This is quite late for these posts, but if someone else is looking (as was I) i have permastone in my kitchen for 6 years and LOVE it. Am doing a handicap remodel, and wanted to put it back in but have been told the warranty will not be honored with wheelchair use. Most disappointed because i have been very very happy with the look, the cleaning, the wear---everything.

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lindakay- Your recent post encouraged me as I, too, have run into the same problem with salespeople. Originally, I had chosen Amtico but found the Permastone Charcoal Slate a better looking choice for my kitchen. Would you please share whether you picked the GroutFit, GroutFil, or Groutless and the pros and cons of your choice? Thanks.

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