Masonry fireplace

stoveguyyJune 18, 2013

Mpls area. 20yr old townhouse development. 2 level. Walkout and 1 st floor. ALL the units have fireplaces. Masonary brick, firebox. Wood burning. I think all have firebox in lower level and none have main floor firebox so there is no exposed brick on main level. I am 98% sure none even uses these. Never smell wood smoke. I guess they are cute. But I think they are a waste of money. What would a new construction fireplace like this cost? 20k, 40k, more? Just wondering. Do folks even put these in new townhouses that are in the 200k price range?

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I'll bet the "fireplaces" are zero clearance units that cost the builder only about $1200 each. They provide a nice ambience when used, but they're really not for heat, and that's why you don't smell woodsmoke.

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The exterior of our stone fireplace on the roof has some stones that have fallen off and need to be replaced. The problem is that there is a 3 inch gap between the fireplace frame and where the stones sit. Someone tried to put standard concrete to fill the gap in the past but it obviously didn't work. Any advice?

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Our last house had zero clearance, Masonite exterior. Crap. ALL of the townhouses have full brick exterior, clay liners thru top of chimney so I assume they are actually Masonary. We have very nice Masonary surround and hearth, actual metal flue thingy. Never used it. The townhouse across the street ALL have the Masonite cexterior chimney stacks so I know they have zero car stuff.

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