Leather sofas - which won't wrinkle?

cpattyFebruary 26, 2008


I've read a number of the posts here about the construction and life of leather sofas of various brands. This has been very helpful.

But I'm wondering about a factor that I usually don't see mentioned. I'd be interested in comments on the "wrinkle factor" as the sofas age. I've seen a lot of leather sofas and chairs in people's homes that become terribly wrinkled up and unattractive. I do not have a Hancock-Moore budget, so I'd be interested in hearing how some of the more modestly priced leathers fare, in terms of wrinkling over time.

Thanks a lot!

Cathy B.

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I have a very cheap Ikea leather sofa, actually two of them and they are for the most part wrinkle free after 10 years of abuse. I think it's because the leather is thick and was fairly stiff when we got it. I have leathercraft furniture downstairs which is a much finer leather but still very thick and it has aged fairly well.

I think, but I may be completely wrong, that the thin, very elegant glove soft leather will stretch out more and show wrinkles. I know that this very luxurious leather is a no no in my home with pets and adults who eat on the couches.

I wonder what the experts here will say because I'm shopping for new leather couches and I've seen some awful pictures on craigs list of wrinkled leather couches which I would not want in my house.

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Wrinkling of the leather is simply stretching of the hide, and it happens to all leather. There are too many variables to say xxxx leather does it less, or this xxxxxx brand is superior. Much of it is a lifestyle issue, to wit:

1) How heavy are the people using this piece? Obviously a 280 lb person is going to stress that hide more than one that weighs 110lb.

2) How many hours a day of use? Again, pretty simple to figure out that the more use, the more stretch.

Other factors:

* Good cushions and springs. The more you sink into sofa the more the hide will stretch.

* Never let kids jump on the furniture.

* Don't buy the down cushions. They will flex more.

* Replace your cushion cores when they are worn out.

* Thicker hides stretch less.

Duane Collie

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