What should I pay for a used Sherrill (Leather) SEctional

Jackie4471February 15, 2012

I have found a used 3 piece leather Sherrill sectional with a recliner on each end for sale. It is approx. 4+ years old. It is in great condition but does have a small tear on one of the attached back cushions seems (it is out of sight though). It also shows a little wear in the leather. It has "nailhead" trim. Very pretty piece. The seller said they paid over $7000 for it new and he wants $4000. I'm torn as to what it is worth and the price I'm willing to pay for it. I offered $2000. They are saying they will not go lower than $3000 at this time. They are having a moving sale in two weeks and they think it will sell for close to their asking price then. I want to try to get it before the sale, but I just don't think I'm willing to pay more than $2000, $2500 at the most for it. Can someone give me advise on what this may be worth used? I know Sherrill is a very good quality brand. I hate to let it get gone, but don't want to over pay for it. Please help.

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Very few retailers today are getting a 46.6% mark up, except perhaps the large multi store chains for without this type of mark up the very large retailers can't stay in business and for the most part these stores are not carrying high end products such as Sherrill. The high end stores that carry Sherril are usually specialty stores and family owned stores and these stores are not getting this type of mark up. As it is the family owned furniture store due to the high overhead has had difficulty even staying in business. They are not taking in substantial profits. The ones that have stayed in business and prospered have done so by substantially reducing their overhead, such as reducing their staff. cutting back on advertising and in many cases owning their buildings. When a consumer does purchase products such as Sherrill from these types of stores they are generally getting a lot of value for their money, high quality, low prices and good service..

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