Quick Opinions Needed on: Legacy Leather and USA Premium Leather

lynninnewmexicoFebruary 25, 2012

I'm a regular over on the GW Decorating forum, but this is my first time here. I have a dilemma that I hope you all can help me with.

DH & I are looking to buy a replacement leather sofa for our family room. We are willing to pay up to $4,000.00 for one, but naturally would love to find one for less.

We have found sofas that would work well by Hancock & Moore, USA Premium Leather and Legacy Leather.

I do understand that H&M is probably the best quality of the three, but DH is hoping for a higher back. The only furniture store in the area that sells this brand has a few on the floor, but only one that we care for in our home.

I also found one by USA Premium Leather in the perfect color and design style, sold by a very reputable large furniture store in town. Full grain, aniline dyed, 8-way hand tied, solid hardwood, double-doweled frame. But, I'm still leery about this company's former reputation. I know from my internet investigations that USA Premium Leather was formerly Viewpoint Leather, but was renamed when the grandfather died in 2010 or 11 and the grandson took over. Did the quality change? Get better?

The last one, by Legacy Leather (out of Canada) also looks to be a contender, but again has the lower back. Not low, but at 34", lower than what DH would prefer, as he has some mild upper back and neck problems. Again, same supposed good points as the rest :Full grain, aniline dyed leather, 8-way hand tied, solid hardwood, double-doweled frame

Anyhoo, what I'm interested in the most is your opinions as to the quality of furniture these companies are producing now, not 10 years ago, as we all know how that can change!

Thanks so much for any and all info and opinions!


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Lynn Hancock and More is a well known for a high quality product and for high prices.You might want to review their video on the front page of their site for a good explanation of how high quality furniture should be made. Viewpoint Leather now USA Premium Leather does represent a lot of value for the money. Its a no frills company. No catalogs, few swatches or options. They have a plant in Salt Lake City and another contracted plant in North Carolina. This company focuses on large retailers and promoters who can purchase their products in larger quantities. They carry about 15-20 styles and each style may come in 1 or 2 leathers. Most if not all of their leather is from Argentina. They offer a hardwood frame, spring down seat cushions, fiber back cushions and a drop in coil spring unit that is tied, not an actual 8 way hand tied spring. USA is not Hancock and Moore or Legacy in terms of tailoring, matching and design but it does represent good value. I thought Legacy Leather closed a few years ago but they may have re-opened. They always made a good product, well constructed with nice leathers and good styling. You really couldn't go wrong with any of these companies assuming you find a style you like at a price you can afford and a retailer you feel comfortable with.

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Freethinker99: thanks so much for your very informative reviews on the three sofa lines. I can't thank you enough! Am printing it out to show DH, as we're heading out to look at the H&M and the USA sofas again this afternoon. The Legacy sofas are up in Taos and we saw them while we were up there recently.

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Lynn I read you comment about Viewpoint/ USA Premium leather and the notation that you were leery of the companies prior reputation. I was curious so I decided to have a look at the online postings about this company.

In general and for the most part the individuals making the comments had no real knowledge about this company and most of what was being said was based on speculation. These people were talking to hear themselves talk. In fact only one or two of the people making the comments had actually ever purchased this product or have even seen the product.

Furthermore as is so often the case, comments such as these are posted as the poster has ulterior motives such was the case of recent negative postings about Annie's Furniture where a competitor, pretending to be a consumer and a past customer, who couldn't compete with Annie's on price, went online and tried to discredit them..... Bad Karma......

USA Premium Leather is quietly doing about $100,000,000 in volume in leather furniture which for the furniture industry, which is a small fragmented industry, is huge. Only a very few US based leather manufacturers are doing this kind of business, Natuzzi, and Palliser come to mind and they are not even US based (Italy and Canada) and I suppose US based Ashley.

As I said before USA is not Legacy or Hancock and Moore in terms of tailoring, matching and design but it does represent good value. USA is also 1/3 to 1/2 the price of these companies. You don't necessarily have to spend as much as $4000 to $6000 to get a well made sofa.

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I'm back with a quick update, Freethinker, and to thank you again for the great info. It helped me a lot before we headed out once again to look at the USA Premium and several H&M sofas and then compare them to the Legacy sofas we saw in Taos. We ended up ordering one of the H&M and then bought a beautiful Flexsteel wood and leather chair to coordinate with it. The chair is off the floor and should be delivered late this week. I just got a call from the H&M place and our sofa will arrive in 3 weeks. I really appreciate your help with this.

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Lynn I am happy to hear you found something you liked. The Flexsteel wood and leather chair sounds nice. You made out well getting your sofa delivered in only three weeks.

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