rickazMarch 5, 2006

I am in the process of buying a home which will be finished in 3 months. Has anyone used E-Loan for the Home loan? Any positive or negative feedback would be appreciated.



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i have not used them, but if you do be careful not to fall into a trap. read over EVERYTHING very carefully before you sign. better yet, hire a lawyer to do it for and explain anything you do not fully understand.

do not be fooled by teaser rates the first couple years, and then get stuck with a note that is 2 or 3 times your budgeted amount.

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i didn't do a home equity or mortgage, but i did do an autoloan, and I would say they were the lowest rate, and everything worked out great.

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We refinanced our HELOC into a fixed HEL and used them. It was beyond easy and they gave us the best rates we could find... I'm still in shock at how simple the entire loan was.

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You need to find out what company is behind them in your state.
It may be a large lender.
Ditec.com is actually GMAC in some places (maybe all).

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I used them for mortgage and HELOC, after much shopping around. Excellent experience; I will go to them first in the future! Both my loans were sold immediately after they were finalized, to citibank and indymac, but at better rates than those banks offerred me directly.

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I used them when I bought my first house in 2002. They offered the best deal at the time in terms of rate and closing costs (I did shop around before deciding on E-Loan). I believe they're based out of CA. I have nothing but good things to say about them, very easy to deal with, straightforward, and the customer service was good too. Whatever closing costs they charged were for third-party costs (recording fee, etc) and I remember they didn't even charge for credit check and they reimbursed my appraisal fee at closing. My lawyer couldn't believe that I paid almost nothing for my closing costs (some of the higher costs were her fee and the title search/insurance fee). I would use them again in a heartbeat.

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I should add that they sold my loan less than a year later to Wells Fargo, so that's probably how they make their money.

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