Grange furniture

trishannFebruary 14, 2006

Has anyone ever heard of Grange furniture? I looked at their website and their stuff is pretty nice. I was just wondering if anyone knew about the quality or the price range. Thanks in advance!

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Hi. I'm a decorator and there's a Grange showroom at my local design center so I've seen lots of their furniture. I also have their catalogue. Grange is made in France and very good quality. Most of their casegoods are cherry and there are lots of painted finishes.

Upholstery - some are 8 way hand tied and some are sinuous springs.

I really like their product line and the pieces are not overscaled. This would be furniture you would buy and hand down. Price range is upper med-high, depending on source.

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In the NY metro area the only retailer that I know that carries Grange is Blommingdales.

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Some great looking pieces on the Grange website. I particulary like the Kerala series case goods and tables ("re-interpretation of French Art Deco"). Are any US manufacturers producing furniture with a similar design?

Here is a link that might be useful: Grange Kerala series

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Baker has some collections that are inspired by French Deco.
Go to 'Browse Collections' and then 'Contemporary'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Baker (Barbara Barry, Bill Sofield)

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I bought a Grange Louis-phillippe bed about 4 years ago and love it. I purchased through a store that is no longer in business, but recently saw that bloomingdales carries some now. There is a Grange store/showroom in Canada (montreal?), I recall I contacted them directly for some questions, and got a catalog through them. there is a way to buy from them and have it delivered to the U.S., but of course you have to pay duty.

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I like making furniture as my project, I like to make a six drawer dresser But I don't know how can anybody tell me what to do thanks.

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Hi, I was in 200 Lexington the other day, I don't know if you are in New York, but they have a Showroom there, (Very nice) you can't purchase from them, BUT if you see something you like, you can ask them and they will put you in touch with a designer who will purchase the furniture for you. I think they were on the 6th floor across from Henredon, but I don't remember -- I was all over.

Good Luck.

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There is also a Grange outlet on Empire Avenue in South Hackensack, NJ, not too far out of NYC.

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There is a Grange Furniture showroom at the Boston Design Center too.

People, you would probably get more helpful and targeted responses if you would include your geographic location in your postings. I know the New England furniture market but I don't answer to a lot of posts not knowing what part of the country you are in.

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Thank you all for sharing this info aboiut Grange. I have been considering Grange for a long time and searched this forum for more info.

Furnone, please don't let geography hold you back. I happen to live in the midsouth, a desert when it comes to furniture-buying. But I do travel to NJ and NYC, and I will stop in on Hackensack when I get a chance!

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agtorange - I've seen ads for sales at the grange outlet. Is it open all the time and are there good buys to be had?

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If I remember correctly, ABC carpet and Home in Manhattan has a Grange showroom.

If you are looking for nicer cherry sleighbeds than Grange check out

They are also in Manhattan.

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I think its open Mon-Sat although I've only gone on weekends. There are moderate to significant discounts (of course Grange is pretty expensive to begin with) and the selection is fairly good.

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I am interested in looking at a used Grange leather club chair. How do their leather chairs compare to other high end manufacturers? Their website doesn't explain their leather or if chairs are eight way hand tied.

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