Need a better way to prevent temper glass breaking

nosleepJune 2, 2012

My fireplace front has no door, just a big piece of temper glass (26" x 36" about 1/4" thick). There is no other outlet (not air tight, but no other openings). The temper glass shattered when the fireplace is used for a few hours, possibly due to heat. For safety (and cost) reason, I don't like to replace it with ceramic glass but I like some suggestion how to make it work with temper glass. Perhaps, leaving some opening instead of closing the front completely?

The glass frame has 2 metal taps for the left side and 2 metal taps for the right side. It holds the glass by folding the metal tap down to the glass same as a picture frame. See Link to the picture of the frame below . Note the bottom has a groove but the top has nothing for hold the glass.

I like some suggestions of how to attach 2 or 3 piece of temper glass (and leaving some gaps between each piece) instead of one big one. I have a feeling that may help to reduce the thermal shock for the temper glass (by making them smaller and having some gaps to allow heat in the fireplace out).

One idea is to make the temper glass shorter and leave the a few inches from the top open. I am also planning to not fold down the metal taps much to reduce the potential force from the metal taps (I think the heat is uneven on the glass and the frame due to distance from the open frame fire).

I have been thinking about this for sometime now and I don't have good solution. Thanks for your suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Contact the manufacture before you do anything. This information can be found near the valve on a silver label. Quite sure they will advise you not to proceed down your current path of altering the product. The is a matter of safety for you and your family.

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