Fireplace wall insulation?

rossowmnJune 11, 2010

I have installed a prefab (manufactured, heat-circulating, glass doors) fireplace at an angle across a corner of a single-story, low-pitch room addition. The walls in the corner were insulated before I installed the fireplace. The fireplace is framed in across the front with standard 2x4 studs above and beside the fireplace opening (meeting all necessary clearances). My question is this: Should I insulate the wall in which the fireplace sits? As noted, the wall behind it is insulated. However, because of the need for clearances, there is space around the chimney where it exits the roof, which doesn't seem too energy efficient. On one hand, I'd like to insulate the stud wall around the fireplace to keep heat from escaping through nothing but drywall and going out the roof. On the other hand, I think the chimney (which is just tall enough to meet factory specs) might draw better in the winter if the chimney is closer to room temperature, which would suggest not insulating the stud-wall framing. So... SHOULD I insulate the wall above and beside the front of the fireplace OR NOT before I put up the drywall? (I hope I've described the situation adequately.) Thanks.

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