Our brand new W.Shillig - What a disappointment!!!

flo007February 14, 2010

After 2-3 months of research, we decided to spend $4500 on a sectional made by W.Shillig. Many people here on this forum were happy with their pieces. We are not as fortunate. A few days after the delivery, we discovered so many problems with the sectional. The corner piece has a large hole, missing and torn stitches, and water stains. You can view the photos here ( http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii230/Space_Needle/Our%20New%20W%20Shillig ). Other 2 connecting pieces have exposed plywood frames between the armrests/backrests and the seat cushions.

The store offered to send a leather repair company over. We declined and pushed for a brand new replacement. They agreed but we are thinking of canceling the order and forget about W.Shillig. We are now unsure about their QA process in China.

Anyway, just wanted to share our experiences and disappointments.

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I'm so sorry for your troubles. Did you also contact Shillig? I was lucky with mine.

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No, we did not contact Schillig. Unless they can send us a replacement that's made in Germany, we cannot see what else they can do. I'm so happy for you.

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Ours (made in their factory in China) had some issues on delivery (which I wrote about on a few threads), but nothing to the extent that yours had. I am so sorry yours arrived in such poor shape.

We initially pushed for a replacement, but the company would not authorize it (a Schillig rep came to our home with the store owner to see the couch). We could have returned the couch to the store, but allowed them to try to repair/replace the problems since we really liked the couch/style and wanted to make this work.

The leather specialist the store sent out did a very good job, to our pleasant surprise. Some of the packing creases did smooth out over time as well, and the cushions/fill do seem a bit more resilient than they did initially. It did take longer than expected to receive replacements for the chipped feet, and they are slightly smaller (and a different finish) than the originals, but they look fine, and aren't really visible (unless you lie on the floor and look under the couch). Overall, the repairs were done pretty much to our satisfaction, and we are very happy with our couch.

If the style/model you got isn't made in Germany, I doubt they can send a replacement (of the same model). If they only make that model in China, they aren't likely to make it for you in Germany. I don't know if they'll allow you to choose a different model--one made in Germany, but it's certainly worth inquiring.

You might want to try contacting W. Schillig in NC directly.

Good luck!

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Thank you. After spending 3-4 months researching, we were so exhausted and did not want to deal with either W. Schillig or the store anymore. We returned the sofa and received the full refund. The store manager apologetically told us that this was an isolated incident. Whatever it was, they no longer have our confidence.

Anyway, just received our new sectional made by Gamma International (http://www.gamma-international.it/index.php?option=com_ponygallery&func=viewcategory&catid=19&startpage=7&Itemid=86#category). We are extremely happy with the design, quality and the craftsmanship. Maybe it was a good thing that we received the defective piece in the first place.

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Great to hear you received a full refund and are happy with your new purchase. It's lovely. Enjoy!

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not happy with shillig quality. Leather unit a real disappointment!

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We are thinking of purchasing a Gamma sectional How are you liking it?

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