Question about making pizza ahead of time

stacy3February 10, 2008

I have learned here recently that you can get your crust ready and prebake it and freeze it.

Can I just stretch the crust, add toppings and freeze all put together? Do I have to prebake the crust? If so, for how long?

I'd love to make a couple of heart shaped pizzas for the kids for our dinner party for next Sat night but would love to have them taken care of ahead of time so I can focus on the "grown up" dinner.



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Stacy: I have put the Pizza dough recipe and how to ,in many times.
I'll put it in again for you! Save it please!!!!!

This was Posted a year ago but everyone seems to get involved with new things.
I've always had a good Crispy Tender Crust, If you remember some of my Posts ???

Prebaked Dough

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Posted by hawk307 (My Page) on
Fri, Feb 16, 07 at 22:43

Hi Again Msazadi: An alterative to baking on a stone is to use pans.
A 12 inch round pizza will take from 8 to 12 ounces of dough.
According to thickness you want.After the dough is made, weigh it out and roll into balls.
Oil the pans and place a dough ball in the pan and flatten slightly,
working the dough towards the side of the pan.

Then let it rest a few minutes.
Repeat this every so often until the dough reaches the side and up, enough for a crust.

Let it raise slightly , pinch the dough with a fork and put into the oven to bake at 400 deg.
When tan spots show ,take them out onto a rack to cool fast.

Then you can use them right away or freeze , to use later.
When cooking the Pizza, place the dough back in the oiled pan ,
put a latel of sauce on the dough and swish it around, sprinkle some Parmesan or Romano ,
put it in the oven for a few minutes.
Take it out and spread the topping cheese of your choice.

Put it back into the oven to finish cooking.

A good topping cheese is a mixture of Mozzarella and Provolone chopped and mixed.
The provolone gives it a good flavor and doesn't get like rubber when it cools.
I use all Provolone.

A little trick for baking. Keep a cup of water and brush handy, to baste parts that are cooking too fast.

If you can get new Steel pans, they have to be cured in the oven, so they won't stick.
Coat them with oil and bake them for at least 6 hours.
Never clean them with soap and water. Just water & wipe with a paper towel.

I have been using this method for 48 years.

If I can help anyone with info, on Sauce or Dough Recipes, please email.

Have fun, LOU

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Thank you Lou. I already have your technique saved...I was referring to you in my post! :-)

My question is if I can add toppings and freeze. And if I could do it on unbaked crust - since I don't typically pre-bake my crust.

I know I will be very caught up in the main dinner and it would be helpful to have the pizzas completely assembled before Saturday. (I tend to take longer than most in preparing a "nice" meal... and don't want to be serving my guests at 10 PM.) Since the childrens' meal is secondary I just wondered if it could totally be prepped and frozen ahead of time - not just the crust.


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If you put the toppongs on a fresh crust, the cruse will "sog out".
several ways to do it....freeze your fresh crust and when frozen solid add the toppings and quickly pop back into the freezer...or prebake, top and freeze..
What I would do is to make the crusts, bake slightly and freeze...have your toppings ready to go but not frozen, add to your frozen crust and pop into the oven.
To me that would be the best of both ways....easy but still fresh tasting.

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Thanks Linda. That's what I was wondering pretty much - if I needed to pre-bake in order to not "sog out" - lol.

Thanks for your advice - I'll let you know. I wasn't really thinking - as I had sauce that I thought I should use up and putting it on the pizza would use it up instead of throwing it out and making new.

Duh - I can just freeze the container of sauce and take it out Sat AM.

Thanks for helping me work through this Lou and Linda.


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Stacy :
Lindac is right. Put the sauce on, when you put it in the oven.
Bake it a little, take it out and put the toppings on.
This way the sauce will cook a little and won't be too watery.
It depends how much sauce you like on your Pizza. if you like extra sauce,
Do it this way.You will have to wing it a little.

You won't save any time, by having it all made up in the freezer.
It only takes a couple minutes, to put on the toppings.
You should precook the large rectangular Pizza Dough,
Because of the thickness.


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Thanks again Lou!

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Stacy that's what I would do too. Prebake and freeze the crust, freeze the sauce.

I'm thinking that the kids pizza toppings will be fairly simple, Grate, chop and dice the toppings Friday, throw them in plastic storage bags. When ready to go just spread the sauce, top with the toppings...or better still let Will be in charge..and stick in the oven.

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Thank Sharon - Will would love to help!

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