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lburgJune 16, 2009

I have a Lennox LBR 4324 pre-fab fireplace and I am wanting to install a Lennox Performer C210 into the fireplace. Lennox said this was possible. My questions are: 1. Is this something that I could do? I am pretty handy but not sure about installing a new liner and connecting to new insert. 2. This is going to cost about $3,500 and I am wondering if this is worth it. We have electric heat and I am wondering approximately how much this would save in electric bills. I have access to firewood which I will cut and split. I plan on heating about 1,900 sq. ft.

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Traditional fireplaces waste a lot of energy because most of the heat goes up the chimney to the outside. If the insert is designed rationally to capture more of the heat for indoors where it's needed, then it will be money well spent. An added benefit is you won't freeze if the power goes off.

Thete may even be some kind of tax rebate because the Obama administration has been putting in place various programs to encourage energy conservation. Look into that, and maybe even change your plan if you stand to save a lot of money if you get something else, assuming of course it's something acceptable to you.

As to the question about installation, I would make sure you do not void the warranty if you do it yourself. If you hire an installer, make sure he/she has a track record and knows more about the unit than you do.

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The 2009 US Economic Stimulus plan includes a 30% tax credit on up to a $5000 purchase on a 75% efficient biomass fireplace. Biomass means wood-burners and pellet stoves. Most of the wood and pellet burners manufactured today would qualify. A tax credit is much more beneficial than a tax write off because the full amount of the credit is deducted from your taxes.

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