Fastfloors--are the reviews real?

krabbypattyJanuary 30, 2007

I was all set to order Wicanders cork flooring from savings versus my local showroom was too substantial to pass up. I decided to investigate first. I did a search here and saw mixed reviews, but it seemed the most negative posts were about broken tiles from shipping, which shouldn't be much of an issue with the cork.

So I did a web search and found some disturbing and contradictary reviews (see link below--similar reviews were on, etc.). The company is claiming the reviewers are fake (competitors looking to discredit), and another reviewer claims the positive reviews are faked (from the company).

I don't know what to believe now. Can anyone tell me about their Fastfloors experience? Or do you have any opinions about these online reviews?

I'm about ready to spend the extra $350 to buy elsewhere...

Here is a link that might be useful: Nextag reviews of fastfloors

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I had a very unpleasant experience with Fastfloors just recently when shopping for over $4000 in engineered wood flooring. They claimed that they would match the price from their competitor ( but when I submitted the order, they charged me much more than what they originally quoted. I ended up cancelling the order with them. Stay away from them. I would recommend or their affiliate diyflooring.

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Thank you. This jives with some of what I was reading today. I was already happy with the price (it was unbelievable really) so I would not be asking for a match. Nonetheless, bad service is bad service so I appreciate the warning.

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I recommend iFloor and Fastfloors, both have come a long way in 6-7 years.

The thing is, if your wanting to price match, call and place your order. No confusion, and the payment is verified at time of sale.

These places want your business, and they surely don't want bad mouthing over the internet, since consumers are riding the internet, when they find them.

Most bad mouthing post are Brick & Mortar stores. The internet has shut many retail dealers doors, as they can't match the price and stay in business, unless they have a good reputation, for an installed product, or they are doing low profit but volume, builder accounts. They are bitter.

The scenerio above, where they were going to charge more then agreed, happens at the local Brick & Mortar retailers all the time, too. We are only human, and communication is the key.

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I just went through the same thought process, wondering about internet sales. I did a lot of reading on the net about iFloors and FastFloors and felt a little concerned, just because it feels more vulnerable. Do decide before you buy from the internet, exactly what you want. One thing that bothered me a little bit was that salesmen there tried to steer me into different flooring directions (like to buy engineered wood instead of laminate, etc.).

After deciding specifically on which product I wanted to buy, I actually called the manufacturer. I asked specific installation questions, so was refered to a specialist. My last question to him was, what was his opinion of buying from internet stores, mentioning both iFloors and FastFloors. His only concern centered around potential problems with damage during shipping. In my case, I had a iFloors showroom in my area, and arranged a pickup. When we arrived to pick up our order, the boxes were in pristine condition, just as the manufacturer instructed me to insist on. The service was just fine, and the price was great.

So, be somewhat concerned with the shipping. I suggest having a very good idea how you want to handle any problems, and what your options are BEFORE anything goes wrong. Is the carrier responsible? If so should you refuse the item, or get paperwork on the spot, or exactly what? Figure all this out in advance so you know just what to do if the carrier shows up with boxes of product that don't look so hot and is in a big hurry to continue on his delivery route. Talk to the manufacturer, the internet company, and whoever is shipping to get all the facts in advance, before you buy and pay for anything. Get the policies in writing. Then, there will be no surprises and you'll know specifically what to do if something doesn't go exactly right.

Also, keep in mind that the shipping carrier will have likely kept the product in plently of cold warehouses on the way to you. Whatever flooring you decide on, allow plenty of acclimation time in the room you are installing it into. Check with the manufacturer of your product to determine exactly how they want theirs handled.

We bought from iFloors, and got the product for $1.50 LESS per Sq Ft. than it would have cost at local flooring stores. In the end, for me, it was a good deal and no problems. I would definitely buy from them again, after I decided on exactly what product I wanted.

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In I floors case I know the owners when they started. Most of those guys owned retail stores, and the other biggies in the company were all former factory reps for most of the big flooring mfctrs. That can't be said of some people. I like to remind people of the wallpaper 800# guys that also sold blinds and contact lenses. Quite an interesting product mix. My only experience with Fastfloors was when they wanted my distributor who did not sell the product to inspect an consumer complaint. The product was sold from Florida and Fastfloors refused to pay an inspection fee and my distributor (whos salesman are paid on commission only) refused to do it for free. That is a situation that is not uncommon. Most mfctrs will want the SELLING dealer to personally inspect the product along with the distributor or factory rep.

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Boxer, that is not how inspections work.

Fastfloors calls the manufacturer and files a claim. The manufacturer is the one hiring an independent inspector, like me.(unbiased, doesn't work for or care about the manufacturer or the customer) Distributor reps, are not inspectors!!!!!!!!!!!!! Far from it!!!! They have a bias as to who their bread is buttered on. The manufacturer wants facts about the claim.

It is the manufacturer, that was trying to get there rep to go look at it at less cost, then if they were to hire me. It was not FastFloors, it was the manufacturer.

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After almost two months of waiting - and being promised that my tile order was "on the way" - I have been informed that the my tiles cannot be located - and my order was summarily cancelled. Bear in mind that my credit card was charged at the time of order - and that I was told last week that my order was actually on the loading dock - an obvious lie.


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My wife and I shopped three local flooring companies and also spoke with two other online sites that sell floors and tiles. We had a very complicated situation. The only people we spoke to that understood what we needed were the people at We read a couple of these older negative posts and we questioned the people at fastfloors about it. The told us that they don't go and ask customers to post ratings for them and the few dissatisfied customers were the only ones that posted ratings. Since they were such a huge help to us, I felt it was only right to take the time to list a positive post for them. We are happy to say we spent nearly $30,000. with and we are perfectly happy. We have referred them and we would continue to do so. Their help and expertise so far has been unmatched.

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Um, thank you for registering just to pull up this ancient thread and praise fastfloors.

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Sorry floorguy but my experience does not agree with your claim. Generally the first person to see a claim is the distributor's representative. I've had distributor's reps write up a claim and submit it.
Of course in cases where the responsibility is in question, an independent inspector would be hired, but not until after the sales rep. had seen it and reported.
Boxers account agrees with what I've seen happen in the past. Since the distributors are paying their reps, they're not enthusiastic about inspecting claims for which they had no involvement.

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No they are NOT!!!
They are the worst I've ever dealt with! There's absolutely no communications whatsoever from customer service after they charged my card. Waiting time on the phone for a rep ranges from 5 minutes to 47 minutes. I ordered in stock molding on Friday 10/11 and paid for 2-day shipping Via FedEx. On Tuesday 10/15, they still have not shipped my order. I talked to Kevin & paid $65 more to have my order ship next day air. On Wednesday, the same Kevin told me that it did not ship and all orders take 72 hours to be processed!!!!
After a long argument, I was then told my order will be shipped and should arrive to me by Thursday & a tracking number will be available on Thursday morning! He even joked that I will get my order before I get the tracking number for it!
On Thursday, I called 3 times @ 9.30am, 10.30am & 11.20am asking for a tracking number & every time they say itâÂÂs not available yet! I also emailed them for an update and never received a response.
When I finally got the tracking, it showed the order was initiated with FedEx but not shipped and instead of delivery on Thursday that I paid for, it stated delivery on Friday. When I asked, I was told that FedEx did not have a truck available! I called FedEx and they just laughed at that statement!
On Friday, the tracking showed still not shipped. Ken told me there was a new tracking number but again, he didnâÂÂt have it.
At 12pm, after waiting for half an hour on hold, Kevin said it was not shipped. I asked for my money back and he simply hung up on me.
Simply put, all they did is lie and lie and then lie some more.
I just requested a refund to my money and I honestly do not know when they will process that. So I will simply call my bank and file a chargeback.
My order # is 188290 & FedEx tracking is 796928031804 (just in case).

This was the worst experience I ever had with a company of any kind.

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We have advised the customer the order can be picked up and a full refund issued if he would like and we apologized for the delay. The order was drop shipped and unfortunately the manufacturer delayed the shipping by two days and the order did arrive two days late. As a note, there should not be a long hold time ever. The reps always leave their direct number so you can avoid going through the main system. Additionally when orders are drop shipped in some cases you could receive the order before the tracking information since the manufacturer ships it out, then sends the tracking information to us. This sometimes creates a lag since we have to rely on the manufacturer to be timely.

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My experience with Fastfloors: had the flooring product I wanted at a very good price, even before the "rebate" they give for paying cash via wire transfer and with the shipping cost direct from manufacturer. They made numerous phone calls and emails to me to get me to buy and to make sure my wire transfer came through. My floor arrived within a few days of promised time. After my wire transfer went through, no further contact or follow-up from FastFloors. The "rebate" form was difficult to find on their website. When I located it, the rebate amount shown on the pre-filled form was wrong (not the promised amount). No response to my several emails to contact them about the error. I finally mailed in my rebate with the corrected rebate amount and an explanation. Now Ii am just hoping that I do get the promised amount. I Will update this post.

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I had a very good experience with Fast Floors 2 years ago when I ordered tile for my bathroom, Provenza. They even sent extra in the event of breakage, though there was no breakage. I would use them again.

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It's mid October and I still don't have my rebate from FastFloors from my order in early June. I contacted them via email and did not even receive a reply. I'm extremely disappointed with FastFloors and would not use them again.

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great feedback everyone. Thanks so much for those with personal experience taking the time to post, it's what makes these forums so useful.

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