Are fabric protection plans worth it?

trudieFebruary 27, 2007

I'm about to order two Clayton Marcus loveseats. Each store is offering a different fabric protection plan, Teflon, Fabric Coate, Stain Safe. Do you recommend any particular one or are they all useless?

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This topic has been discussed many times, you can do a search on this to see. My advice is to determine if the fabric you are buying needs protection. Most natural fibers maybe except wool should have a type of sealant applied to the yarn to resist absorption of liquids or oils. Using the appropriate chemical applied at the mill will provide this protection, under normal use for the live of the fabric, unless it is cleaned in a way to remove most of this protection.
The most common man-made fibers resists absorption of any liquids or oils. And are usually easily cleaned.
These fabric protection plans is more of a crap-shoot on if your getting any real benefit from the application or chemical used.

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Save your money and buy a can of Scotchguard (still the best at fabric protection, yet banned from industrial use, only available as a consumer spray can product). Repeat every 6 months.

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We've always been told you still need to clean up promptly anyway.

I heard Scotchguard changed their formulation. Don't remember all the details now. Somebody I knew used it (old version I should point out) and had to drag the furniture outside for days because they found the smell so unpleasant.

Ask for MSDS's (material safety data sheets) for the treatments you're considering.

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Scotchguard was pulled from the industrial segment of the market in 2000, but has been available as a consumer product all along. It was voluntarily pulled by 3M before the announcement it was cancer-causing in high doses.

Its been reformulated, and is working its way back into the market. Concerns are with industry workers exposed to it for 8 hour a day. Here's a link to the story.

I'm in the industry for 25 years now, I've never seen anything repel as good as Scotchguard.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Scotchguard Story

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