Care and feeding of a landlord

joyfulguyMarch 4, 2006

I've been on the farm for a year, now.

So I asked the landlord the other day how much he figured that I should write on the cheque for rent this month.

He replied that inflation was about 2%, and what was 2% of $450., to which I replied $9.00 (which he, being a business man, had figured out already, I'm sure).

So he asked how $460.00 sounded, and I said O.K.

So wrote the cheque.

And told him that I'd let him get away with it this time, but ...

... a landlord is supposed to give a tenant 90 days' notice of an increase in rent.

That when a former landlord hadn't delivered such a notice until Jan. 3 or 4, some years ago, relative to an increase to take effect April 1, I told him that the increase wouldn't be effective till May 1. The 28 days in Feb. was helpful.

When I told this story to son, he chastised me, saying that it's not important for me to educate landlords.

But - my landlord is a good guy.

Treats me well.

So I didn't mind.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

ole joyful

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It's about time this message starts its downhill slide, I think.

Landlord dropped a bit of gravel in the track where I drive out of the drive shed, as it was getting chewed up with the ground being soft in spring.

I stored stuff in the garage a year ago when I moved in, "temporarily", I asked for. He hasn't complained about it still being there. Don't think he has plans for using the garage, though.

ole joyful

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