beware of buying flooring from br111

milarJanuary 8, 2014

We purchased a custom order of engineered hardwood from BR111 last year and spent over $12/sq ft. When the installers went to put this hardwood in, there was a 40% discard rate. Much of the wood should not have passed quality control. I am posting this to warn anyone that is thinking of buying from BR111 to think twice.

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Dont know who Br111 is. Is that a company? Where from?

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The 40% rejection rate is alarming and inconvenient. In general there's an allowable rejection rate of 5%. Anything over that should be replaced by the manufacturer.

I wasn't aware that BR111 did custom flooring. What makes this floor custom?

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I ordered floors from BR-111 in July. My first delivery came and each box contained 25.5 sq ft instead of the advertised 29.5 sq ft per box which I paid for. Delivery for the rest was supposed to arrive by the end of August, it is one mid February and I haven't received the rest of my floors. Communication with the company has been horrible, same excuse daily. "Shipment is in custom"

It's about time for us to seek legal advice here, they will need to refund our entire order and pay for the installation costs thus far.

Anyone even remotely thinking about BR-111 should stay away. BUYER BEWARE!

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A follow up to this is that eventually every board split worse than in the photos. The ones that only had splits on the ends were cut before install, but once they were installed they all had to be removed because the splitting continued and several boards delaminated. Our team said that they have never seen this on any wood in their 30 year careers. The company admitted fault, said that they dealt with a manufacturer in China they had never used before and then promised a refund when fiscally possible. Well apparently look on their Facebook site, it was fiscally possible to open up a new store and throw a party for it, but not fiscally possible to refund a lot of money to a customer that a refund was promised to. BR-111 is a company that sells engineered and solid hardwood, but please do your research and look up their reviews. I feel badly for those who work with this company because it seems as if they are being asked to make constant excuses. I do not blame the ones in the frontlines who try to make these excuses because they are just trying to keep their jobs. But I do not understand how the ones who actually run the company can run it this way and expect to actually continue their business. Very sad that money to this company is more important that morals. They are no better than the manufacturer in China that made this product as they do not stand by their company name.

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