How to prevent squeaking sound after laminate floor installation?

janesylviaJanuary 26, 2013

I went to some open houses, and found some laminate floors had squeaking sound when I stepped on it, which seemed to happen in both newly installed or old laminate floors.

I bought a house, where the family room, living room, and hallway have expensive laminate floors (Wilsonart Flooring, discontinued now), but the 4 bedrooms have cheap laminate floors. All the laminate floors in the house have no squeaking sound. I'd like to have laminate floors in the 4 bedrooms replaced with better quality laminate ones (Columbia Flooring, WIB301, in order to match the thickness and color in hallway) . But I am afraid the newly replaced laminate floors would have squeaking sound. I have some questions.

1) What should I pay attention to in order to prevent the replaced laminate floor from squeak when stepped on?

2) Would general contractor who would do my bathroom remodeling be fine to replace the laminate floor or would it be better to ask for a contractor who only does floors (usually hardwood floor installation or resurfacing require more technique. I don't know if laminate floor replacement also needs to be done by those people)?

3) Do I need to buy laminate materials one week in advance, open the boxes and expose them in the house? One general contractor suggested me to do this, saying it would be helpful in preventing the squeak sound. I am living in the bay area, and it's a one-story ranch-style house.

Any input is GREATLY appreciated.

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I personally believe there is no such thing as expensive laminate flooring, that is just my opinion. To try and help answer your questions,

1) Approximately $5.00 a square foot, buy engineered hardwood, guaranteed not to squeak.

2) Ask the contractor.

3) Depends on the product, read the instructions.

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How are you preparing to lay the new floor? Are you going to float it? Glue it?

If your sub floor is prepared properly you wont have any squeaks.

As far as having you GC do it. Make sure they know what they have to do to check the subfloor. The actual install isnt difficult.

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