Where to put the TV Over the fire place???

kimgillJune 1, 2010

My fireplace is going to be the focal point of the living room should i put the TV above the fireplace or in the built in beside the Fireplace....

ANy pictures and comments thanks

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Think about where it's comfortable to look from your favorite spot to sit. For me, I think up above the FP would be uncomfortable to watch. Never actually tried it though.

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I'm having the same issue - I don't know where I want my tv. I keep thinking that if my fireplace is the focal point why would I want a huge black box hung up there. But yet, with the layout of my family room, it would be best viewed from that space.

Decisions, decisions!

There are ways to hide it, but I don't even know what the best and easiest way to do that is...

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If you like your neck, you will need to place your TV somewhere other than over the fireplace. Over the fireplace is too high and will cause you to strain you neck to watch it for any length of time.

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My KD recommended this, given the layout of our fam. rm. as well (it flows from the kitchen -end wall w/ FP is big focal point of both rooms. I have the same reservations as you jeannie01 - - but am thinking it would be great to see the tv (when we want to, like playoff games etc.) from the kitchen. My layout is like BeekKeeperswife, if you've seen her gorgeous kitchen -- she places a mirror in front of the FP opening, and does not have a tv over it. I was thinking of doing a mirror like hers after seeing her pix.

Also, my FP has a hearth and high mantle (which we are hoping we can lower by removing a couple brick courses), but we are planning to get an angled bracket that should alleviate the neckstrain issue.

It's a controversial issue, and people strongly HATE it or love it.

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Well since I am still in the construction stage of the fireplace, I can put my mantle high or low. My builder feels I should have a stone FP to the ceiling - while I think that a nice dramatic look, I still think putting the TV up there will be an eyesore.

If I just put stone around the lower part - then the mantle - maybe do a recess for the TV - then I could put something over the tv when I'm not using it or don'twant vistors to only notice my TV. Maybe even a miror or tall iron decorative piece. I dont' know...

But, I too want to be able to see the TV from my kitchen. I will have built-in next to the fireplace, so my cable box, video stuff can all be tucked inside there.

I just had the surround sound speakers put in and they will be putting a sound strip right on the FP - so I guess I almost have to keep it on the FP..

I'd be interested in some photo's too. Lucikly, my wall is long - 24 feet - so I have room to work around the FP if I decide to do that. But, IMHO if you put the tv in built-ins that can be distracting from the FP too...

Decisions, decisions.

How can I find a photo of beekeepers kitchen?

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Beside the fireplace. Its best to have the screen on the same line as your eyes

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Hi Jeannie01, hopefully this link works: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0619344021794.html

Otherwise, you can search for "beekeeperswife" and the thread says something like "photoshoot pic heavy"

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Ours is over the fireplace. It is the perfect height for us. We have reclining loveseats for us and the kids. I am attaching pics. We have not mounted it yet b/c we just moved in. Our DISH / DVD boxes are hidden in the bar cabinets that are in our kitchen.

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Consider a few things if you put tv up there:

1. Height/Neck Strain
2. Heat from fireplace..
3. Sut from fireplace
4. Focal point is tv not nice fireplace
5. Running any wires
6. Earthquakes
7. Glare from windows
8. Viewing Distance


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What I ended up doing is having my electrician run 2 sets of wires. one box above my mantel (that a mirror can easily cover up) and one in my built in center beside the fireplace. My cab guy built a false back in the entertainment center that covers the electrical stuff and makes it look like book sheelves incase i want to put the TV above the FP. So i have the option of putting it either place because it is wired for both places, but still dont know where to put it and we movein in a couple of weeks..

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