What country provides the U.S. with more oil than any other?

joyfulguyMarch 4, 2007


Stable country.

Not funding agencies that you don't like.

As a matter of fact, I've heard that we were fool enough to agree to provide you with whatever percentage of our total production than you've been receiving previously, as the oil runs out.

Even if we have to freeze ... in the dark.

Not only that - we were stupid enough to sell off a lot of our resource companies to not only U.S. companies, but those from many other countries, as well. Including a couple of big nickel miners, in recent months.

Never mind - the U.S. will be selling a lot of their capital assets (the ones that make profits) to the Chinese in coming years, as they have to the Saudis, Iraqis, Iranians, etc. in recent years.

Them wot has the bucks - make more.

Them wot don't - work.

If they're lucky. Many in third world countries can't find work.

Some of N. American our blue collar people ... and in recent years, white collar, middle level office guys, as well.

We've been used to being in charge.

That's changing.


Interesting world in which we live.

ole joyful

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You're right - Canada is number one, then followed by Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria, and Angola.

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Yeah - second supplier is Saudi Arabia...

... that model of the democracy that some people want to encourage in the Middle East.

Fifteen of the nineteen guys who flew those planes into those towers came from there.

Not Iran.

Not Iraq.

Cetainly not from North Korea.

Those last three constituting a certain "Axis of Evil" that we heard about a while ago.

ole joyful

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