Rain drops, wind noise in my chimney-free gas logs fp-how to fix?

try_hardJune 9, 2008

Hello! I just moved into a new construction house that has a gas logs fireplace but no chimney; there is just an exhaust pipe sticking out of the roof. When it rains, it sounds like large raindrops are coming into the exhaust pipe - and it's REALLY loud, like an old metal coffee can is catching drips from a leaky roof. I have not yet seen any water drip down into the fireplace, but I'm worried about where that water is going or how long it's sitting in the pipe and whether it will corrode the pipe.

Furthermore, when the wind blows, we hear it coming into the exhaust pipe and it's so loud we actually have to turn up the tv to hear it over the wind.

I called the local company that provided the fireplace and asked them about it and they told me there is a damper they can install (total cost about $200 for parts and labor) that will "help" but the employee didn't know how much it would help. I'm not convinced this is the solution to my problem.

Has anyone experienced this before? Do you know what I need to do about this? We have had alot of rain and wind here since moving in and I really want to correct these problems.

Here are the only pictures I can find from the construction phase that show the fireplace or the exhaust pipes:

Rear view:

Thank you,


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Sorry try hard can't help you but I am interested in your set up, because your pics look exactly what my fireplace is like now(close to the floor, not raised up). Do you have any recent pics of how you have finished it off?

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Moose, sorry for the delay in replying; I've been traveling and haven't had access to my pictures. Here are a few more pictures from construction and the finished space (the TV is not installed above the fireplace yet.)

Good luck with your setup,

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And a few more from yesterday, after we hung the tv above the fireplace.


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Thanks for the pics! I was wondering what you were going to do in the way of a hearth as your unit was sitting right on the floor(like ours). I am ambivalent about adding one as I feel like it is going to take away floor space. Did you add it after the flooring or...hang on I see you put the flooring in afterwards. Great wall art above the mantel! We'll be putting in a similar print :)
Have you solved your rain/wind dilemma yet? On the fireplace we have now I can hear the rain when it is raining heavily-I rather like the pinging sound. Don't have any trouble with the wind though.

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No, we have not solved the rain/wind dilemma. Our area has had record amounts of rain this year and I'm sooooo tired of the loud ping ping ping ping sound day and night.


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I'm bumping this back up to the top. The rainy season is approaching and I still don't have a solution to reduce the rain drops banging and wind howling noises we dealt with all Spring. It's SO loud. I'm hoping someone can help me...

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Do you have a chimney cap on that pipe? and I am sure a damper would also help but you should have the cap. You never showed any pictures of the outside at the roof. Also did they use insulated pipe?

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My builder tells me that I have a chimney cap and that if I didn't raindrops would fall into the fireplace. I don't know the answers to your other questions but I think I'm going to call a chimney sweep/technician out to look things over. I wouldn't know whether a damper is installed or if they used insulated pipe. I will be sure the chimney guy specifically looks into those items. Thank you!

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I just moved into a house over the summer and we have the same problem. Our builder isn't being very helpful about it but I'm wondering if something like this is the solution? See URL...

Here is a link that might be useful: Windbeater Chimney cap

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Hi, I just installed a pellet stove and ended up with this same problem. This is because the pipe runs all the way up. You are hearing the echoing of the rain drops hitting the cap. It sounds like someone is drumming on my stove!

We SOLVED by placing a cap over the cap!! Now the rain hits the outer cap which is NOT connected to the pipe, its connected to the bricks of the chimney and it's pouring buckets right now and I hear NOTHING! NICE!!

Happing fixing your PING PING!!

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I have the exact same problem.....for ten years now. Did you ever find a solution. It's driving my wife nuts.

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Me too! Same problem but it's not just rain! The chimney/flu amplifies all outside ambient noise! We live about a mile from a parkway. There is a a wooded hillside between us and the parkway. During rush hour we get a gently hum but inside the house it sounds like someone is using a leaf blower outside! I happened to remove the glass from the fireplace to clean it and with the glass off I could hear people talking - loud and clear - as if they were in the next room. I had thought this noise was coming from the boiler equipment but now I know it's from outside. The chimney is like an amplifier and woofer in one. We have a stainless chimney cap. Would it help to use some other material? We were supposed to have stone but the builder switched it - I think because it was too difficult to get stone up on our steep roof. Any and all suggestions very welcome as I can't stand the constant rumble! (Builder says to turn on the TV to mask the noise!)

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