Elastic webbing as sofa suspension?

trancefusionFebruary 23, 2009

I bought a sofa made by Italsofa (Natuzzi's budget line).

The closer to the center that you sit, the further you sink into the couch. I looked in the manual and saw that the suspension was made with elastic webbing. I assume that the sinking is caused due to the elastic straps being tied to edges of the frame with no other support in the middle.

I know I bought a "budget" couch but expected it to make it until I had paid my credit card bill before it started sagging.

Is this a legitimate way to make a couch? Is it defective? Or is this normal/acceptable? Does it have a reasonable longevity?

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Elastic webbing is actually a very old method of support that goes back a hundred years or more. It has been used on very expensive sofas as well as inexpensive models. The advantage of elastic webbing is that it has a very narrow profile (unlike coil springs which require a substantial amount of space beneath the seat.) If properly installed, elastic webbing should not sag in the middle, particularly in so short a time period. You should contact the store where you bought the sofa and ask them to remedy the situation.

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Thank you for the information!

I am not sure if I am being nitpicky or not. You wouldn't notice it if you just sat in the middle but if you move from an outside seat to the center it is quite noticeably lower.

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To cut costs some manufacturers, especially in Asia will use a lower quality elastic webbing. If the sofa is leather the elastic webbing usually is about the 4th most expensive part of making a sofa, just ahead of the labor costs. It requires a strong frame to support the elastic webbing when installed correctly and using a quality elastic webbing. If the manufacturer doesnt follow this then the results will be as you are experiencing now.

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Are you folks referring to Pirelli webbing? I recently heard of it (saw it under a Natuzzi loveseat). Salesman didn't describe it as being elastic; rather said it was seatbelt-like material, and that's what it looked like. When I looked skeptical, salesman indicated it made for a wonderfully comfortable sofa that lasted a long time.
The Natuzzi sofas all had the webbing. I understood the salesman to say that the webbing _replaced_ the springs. Again, I was skeptical.
The Natuzzis were very comfortable in the store; however, I've been used to sitting on an extremely uncomfortable 20 yr old hide-a-bed sofa, so just about _anything_ seems more comfortable than that!I'm desperate for a new sofa, but afraid of making a bit mistake. So, what about the webbing?

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