Jotul C 550

tucoJune 16, 2008

Good Morning! After contacting my oil supplier and getting next season's pricing ($ 5.15/Gallon YIKES!), I'm strongly considering the installation of a Jotul C 550 Woodstove Fireplace Insert.

It's a very solid and attractive insert. The few reviews I've read have been positive. Any feedback on this model?

Thanks for your responses.

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I am looking for reviews because we have one and just think that it is not the best design! Jotul is an excellent manufacturer - maybe on their previous models - but the 550 being their latest is not efficient at all! Our friend has one of their older models and it works great but the 550 doesn't seem to get the air moving along the bottom to keep the fire going! We don't get a good draw and the fan barely works on automatic - it has to be on manual! Does anyone else have similar thoughts?

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I have both the Jotul 350 and 550 and they are both great. If I had only one to choose from I would keep the 550 because it can take any sized split in my woodpile and the heat output is really far superior to the 350.

We use the 350 in our tv/den 24/7 from November until April. I burn the 550 when it is really cold.

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If the auto fan setting does not work make sure that you remove any excess ash in the stove, this sometimes effects the thermostat if there is too much ash.

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Hi Selecting the right insert is an important decision a properly sized and installed is a wonderful thing the wrong or improperly installed 1 will be a hindrance. Check these guys out they are very helpful.

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