Is Stanley furniture made in the USA?

sassymnmomFebruary 10, 2006

I am certain I am going to buy some bedroom furniture from Stanley, as it seems like a good value for the money. One salesperson told me that they are one of the only furniture makers still making their goods in the US. Of course, I know that there are some real high end companies that still manufacture here...but I thought most mid range company's production have left the states.

Was she telling me the truth?

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All Stanley youth beds and some components of adult groups are imported. If it is carved, the carved part is imported. The rest of their collections are domestic.

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I just received a cocktail table and two end tables made by Stanley. There is a label on the bottom

made in China

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I bought a bedroom set from Stanley. Beware if you have problems - hopefully you won't. Their quality control department actually passed a piece that should never have left the showroom. The top of the $900 dresser looked liked it had a water stain on it. I refused it over 2 months ago and am still fighting with the retailer and Stanley. Stanley insists they would never have shipped out a piece that bad; they were wrong. Hopefully, you won't have problems but after this experience I will never buy Stanley furniture again.

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I was told that my Santa Barbara dining set by Stanley was Made in USA, well imagine my surprise after it was delivered AND there is a problem with the finish AND a screw fell from beneath the table we located the Made In China labels!! Hopefully the furniture store (owner was our salesperson) will stand behind this product!!

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I was told Stanley was now imported. Very few American Made. I did purchase my bedroon, from Boyles.. it is "Fine Furniture" made locally in North Carolina, and it is beautiful. My dining room is a Nichols and Stone.. and made in America. I was thinking of one of their bedroom sets, and that was imported.

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I do not post on this forum but the subject cought my eye. Our Interior Designer also told us that Stanley was one of the few people still manufacturing in the u.s.a.When we received our coffee table there was indeed a made in china sticker on the bottom.As well, there were antique brass handles on the trays on the coffee table which are not shown either on line or in their color brochure.Contacted the Designer who is trying to reach rep regards the handles and ask when they switched to china. I have to say tho the table is beautiful solid wood, and is not a veneer or laquered which was my primary reason for not wanting furniture made off shore.I did tell her that they should be aware of this as it was purchased in a high end furniture store, and other people might not be so accomodating. You are paying u.s. prices for goods made in China.She also told me that just that morning she was reading a trade paper that stated I think it was Ethan Allen that was filing for BanKruptcy protection, and that more and more u.s furniture is being made off shore.

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Rowe, not Ethan Allen, is the furniture company filing recently for bankruptcy protection.

Mobel still makes medium priced bedroom furniture in the USA. Durham makes nice quality furniture in Canada.

I would recommend asking first, but that dosen't seem to help much with saleperson ignorance and/or furniture store deception.

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Hi, I recently shopped at Crawford Furniture. This furniture is made in Jamestown, NY and they grow their own wood for their company in the U.S. Furniture is of excellent quality and made from oak, cherry, maple, ash. I do not know where you live, but Crawford would be available in NY state, possibly the norhteast. Good Luck!

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I just spoke to the rep the other day and 70% of the line is still manufacturered in the United States. That's more than most.

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Many people do not care if the products they buy are Made in China. Many justify those purchases because they believe buying products made in China will lead to a democracy.

That can be debated.

What cannot be debated is the fact that you ARE supporting communism. That can be fatal.

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sbp59, Well at least I have lot of pictures to help your case with quality control outsourced not being what it seems to be. I guess I should have been buyer beware when I read some negative remarks but the positive remarks were nice especially from someone who bought the Stanley Cottage Revival set 4 years ago so I went with Stanley. But I really feel after seeing my damaged and mismatched furniture that their inspection process and quality control is not what it used to be.

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I also bought a complete bedroom set made by Stanley and the bachelor chest came with stripped screws and the dresser had screws drilled through the top of the dresser. Fortunately the problem with the dresser was caught by quality control by my delivery company. The dresser is with them, for over a month now, waiting for repair. Sadly, I actually purchased the furniture through a company that I thought had good quality control and only dealt with reputable dealers. In regard to where the furniture was made a the inside of the drawer is stamped with a big "Made in USA".

Here is a link that might be useful: stanley furniture

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All my Stanley Furniture (the Cottage Revival Collection in Mackanaw White) was made in China as it said stamped on each piece and the mismatched pieces with drawers not fitting well with peeling paint and many other damages reminded me of the problems we have been recently having with certain imports from certain countries.

But I blame Stanley for not having a better quality control process in place before the furniture reaches the stores and I blame the retail store for not inspecting the pieces thoroughly before sending them to the customers.

It was such a bad experience for me making me get so behind in my work, missing seeing my father before he passed away as I had to deal with the stress of fighting with the retail company. Thank goodness I learned from this furniture fiasco and after returning the set, I went with Durham Furniture made in Canada and have been very happy with the look and quality. I still liked the look of the Stanley Furntiure but I could not keep furniture that had splintering and damaged wood where the drawers fit on and had three different paint colors that were very noticeable when the blinds were open. There were many more problems than this but these are what bothered me the most. See my thread on the Stanley Furniture Fiasco.

Thank you Sue for sharing that the company's quality control is not there anymore it looks like but you were lucky to have a retail store to stand behind their product and a delivery company that caught the problems and are fixing them for you. My retail company did not want to work with me so I had no choice but to return everything.

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Here is my link to my old Post on the Damage on my Stanley Furniture and the stress it caused me.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Post on the Damage on my Stanley Furniture

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Would it be helpful to have a "FAQ" post of where all the more common and bigger names are made?
For what seems to be a good Canadian Company I would add Villageouis (sp)

Here is a link that might be useful: Good Canadian company

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Mary, Thank you so much for posting this link to give us other options in buying furniture. I looked over the site of this other Canadian Company and their furniture looks very well made and designed.

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I bought a Stanley bedroom set from their American Modern Collection and am appalled at the quality we received. One of the reasons we purchased it was because it was "Made in USA". Didn't matter. Stanley is not the same company it used to be. Their quality is in the toilet. We custom ordered it from International Home Furnishings and saw the set in a store before purchasing. When the furniture was delivered to our home it was all dented and dinged up. It was damaged before they sprayed the finish on and then they sprayed the finish right over all of the damage. The entertainment center was not only damaged but they sprayed the finish right over dirt and debris! The entire front of the entertainment center and around the crown moulding is all bumpy. I spent over 7,000 dollars on this furniture set and it looks like they paid someone five dollars an hour to move it around in their plant and then another five dollars an hour for someone to spray over all the dirt and damage. This is a "modern style" furniture set. It's not supposed to be distressed. It wasn't distressed in the store and should not be beat up when I receive it. I have distressed pieces in my home and I know the difference. This looks like people kept bumping into the pieces I have with hand trucks and other kinds of equipment and then they finished it and sent it to me. I hate it! I contacted the dealer I bought it from and they told me that after six months of asking the rep to come out he stopped taking their calls. They told me his name was Mike Nesbitt, so if you have any problems with a Stanley rep not calling you back this is probably why. Stanley used to be good quality furniture. Not any more. If you custom order something make sure you don't take the dealers word that they'll resolve it because they might not and you'll be stuck with a very expensive set of beat up furniture too.

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We were just "had" on this issue. We were shown a game table and told it was made of hardwoods and veneers. After we bought, we found a label saying made in China (assembled in the US). A search showed there were no hardwoods (contrary to their advertising) in this $2300 table. It is MDF (pressed paper) under veneer, When caught, the sales person responded that MDF is more stable and stronger than hardwoods. Stanley was cheaply made 40 years ago and still is.

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See the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Stanley news

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I feel bad for the employees. However, their furniture is not well made. I bought a desk and hutch a few years ago, and based on the poor quality of the piece, I decided to not purchase anything else made by Stanley.

The pieces were supposed to be made from wood and had some damage to them. The Dealer I purchased the pieces from, sent a furniture repairman out to work on the pieces. He said that he was surprised by the poor quality and that Stanley used to build much better furniture.

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