Executors (especially BreenThumb if you're hanging around)

azzaleaMarch 15, 2008

Breen--I recall how much of a hassle you were having with cash flow with the estate you were settling.

But this tip is good for any who are charged with handling an estate after someone dies.

Don't forget to contact your state's unclaimed property division. Just got a letter back from ours (I'd written about 6 weeks ago) that there's an account sitting there in mom's name with several hundred $$$ in it. Takes a bit of documentation to claim it--but it's not too complicated.

Can't hurt to check, and maybe you'll find some $$$ you weren't aware of.

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That's an excellent tip! Also, some states let you check on-line, you can research for any forgotten accounts very quickly.

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Yes, check the online site first--that's where I found that there was money in Mom's name. So I wrote to the dept, to find out exactly what I needed to do, as the executor, to claim it (and I couldn't tell from the online entry, how much was in the account).

In all honesty, when I wrote the letter, I didn't know if it was .12, $12, or a fortune. Turned out to be significant, but not staggering. Now I just have to see how long it takes for the check to get turn up.

Oh, and always send documents 'return receipt requested'.

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This is even a good tip if you're still alive. Check your own name - you may get a nice surprise....my sister did.

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Thanks azzalea, yes I'm still around. The initial shock of of the situation has worn off and now I'm coping with things as they come up---still, easily, an issue every week or so. We had a doozy this week and I was just going to post about it when I read this.

Will surely check on this, and thanks again. Sandy

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