painting metal on the front of wood burning fireplace.

dontomJune 29, 2009

Fireplace was installed around 1986. My husband has purchased new fireplace glass doors & we will be installing new tile.

My question is the flat black piece of metal between the fireplace doors & the tile is faded & old looking. He attempted to use a Krylon indoor/outdoor spray flat black paint yesterday to "spruce up". However, this seems to be a bit "blotchy" and when I rub my fingers across it (after 24 hours), some black is on my fingers (like a dirt?). What type of paint should be used in this update?? He is unable to remove this metal to repaint outdoors & as we live in Florida with the heat - the fumes aren't pleasant!!

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!


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First sand the metal. Then go to either a stove/fireplace shop OR an auto parts store and get some high temperature paint. Then just spray the metal. The paint will withstand the temperatures the fireplace gives off. But you first must remove the Krylon.

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Donna- I had posted this (see link below) and I'm hoping to see pics of your wood flooring. After about a year of exploring various wood floor products for our home, DH and I decided on Lauzon Engineered Red Oak Natural Select & Better with a straight/square edge. It's going to be a DIY glue down install. How are you liking your floor? Any pics that you can share?
Regarding the post about your fireplace...I am interested. Our fireplace is about 29 years old & has a screen that pulls open. The brass colored metal piece at the top is looking pretty bad and I would someday like to paint it black.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dontom-Pictures of your new floor?

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