electrical outlet in fireplace mantle?

sammiecanadaMay 5, 2010

We are going to be doing renovations and getting a new mantle built. I am wondering if it's possible to put in an electrical outlet on the outer part of one end of the mantle? My husband rolled his eyes at me but I like to put up Christmas lights on the mantle and instead of having to get the extension cord to reach the other plug I thought it would be a nice feature. Has anyone done this? Any photos?

Thanks so much for any help.

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I've done it. My outlet is mounted flush on the top surface of the mantle, left hand side...the plug completely disappears. I use it all the time.

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amyspaetzle: Thanks ...is there any way you can post a photo for me of what it looks like? I'd like to be able to explain to the electrician what I want and my husband is still rolling his eyes! I would love for the plug to completely disappear.

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This is the type of outlet I used. The plate is flush with the mantel top and the actual outlet is recessed into the mantle so the plug completely disappears.

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Thanks for the photo....from what I gather the electrician will not put it flush on the top part of the mantel (because of the codes in Canada in case someone put a flower vase on top of it and it leaked etc) but I'm sure he will be able to put it on the side for me where it won't be too obvious.

It's just silly but it's important to me for the one time of year at Christmas to make my life a bit easier rather than trying to reach another outlet and have all the cords showing!

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ON my last house my husband and the electrican thought I was nuts and I really didn't NEED it...Well, I had it put in anyway - and YES I used mine alot too. Thank you for reminding me to put one in my new house too !!

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Thanks jeannie01-it's so encouraging to hear other people have it and love it. I'm glad I had it on my "wish list" and have stuck to my guns to get it!

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I don't think the above solution (pictures) would be code approved anywhere. You can buy receptacles for horizontal flat placement (such as those used in floors) but the above ones are not that. Too dangerous for many reasons.

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