extended warranty for 2005 Ford Focus

victory_tea2085March 24, 2007

My wife's original warranty on the car is about to expire. We differ in opinion on whether to get an extended warranty. Anyone willing to offer their opinion. Thank you for your time. Paul

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What has been your repair experience so far? Is the way you use the car going to change greatly in the near future (kids, moving to the mountains, etc.)? What do the warranties cover, exactly? What do they charge versus what you think you'll have to pay over that same period of time?

The '05 Focus is reaching the end of its model run; by now Ford should have worked out the bugs from the first ones. I'd be far more inclined to buy an extended warranty for a first-year model. Extended warranties are, essentially, insurance policies, with you betting that you will have more in repair costs than you pay in premiums. Unless the car has been kind of "lemony" so far, you most likely would be better off just putting that money into a rainy-day fund.

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My car insurance has an inexpensive warranty but it must be purchased within the first 15 months. It is less than 20 every 6 months.

I think there is a site something like Ford Warranty.com where you can get one. I thought it was a little expensive for our freestyle but maybe it will cost less for your car. I would say if you can get one for 500 that will cover you until 7 years it is worth it but read the fine print on what it covers and what the deductible is if any

How many miles are on it and how many do you expect to put on.

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I would not recommend most aftermarket warranties. The one from the manufacture is good. As far as the aftermarket ones, I have been in the repair bussiness for over 20 years. Most of the warranty compaies dont want to cover any of the repairs and leave the customer holding the bag so to speak. They will either say the repair is needed because of abuse or normal wear and tear and thats how they get out of paying. Many times when the vehicle needs major engine work or replacement, they make the customer authorize tear down costs up front which most of time is a waste of the customers money when we already know the engine is shot. So if the customer does authorize the tear down, they have to shell out say $800. When we call the warranty company about the needed repairs, They say" Sounds like abuse and we dont cover that" or Thats normal wear and tear and we dont cover that". Get the maunfacture warrany. The good warranty will cost over $1000 but is wourth it.

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My friend has had a great experience with the Geico one, it has already covered at least 2k worth of repairs on her 2001 minivan. Maybe her repair guy knows the right thing to say when the company calls, she has not had to lay out anything beyond the deductible

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