Animal Farm

bunnymanMarch 11, 2008

Now more then ever people around the world need to read Orwell's Animal Farm. See if you can't hear a few oinks next time the Federal Reserve comes up with a "plan".

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Oink ...


Is that like ...

... printing money?

I hear that the U.S. is doing some of that, these days.

That's inflationary, isn't it?

o j

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Besides 'Animal Farm', Mr. Orwell also wrote this little story called 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', as you know. Equally brilliant (some say more so) and just as prescient of today's political climate.

"War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength"

Is there such a thing as a posthumous Nobel Prize?

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Oh... here we have in the news the bail out of Bear Sterns investment bank. They made a pile of money on mortgage securities and now the tax payers have to pick up the mess after the money is gone. No problem because I gots lots of extra money I was saving to donate to the taxman.

After Animal Farm I could never finish reading 1984.

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I am repeatedly amazed at the gullibility of the American taxpayer... there seems to be a naive belief that the elected people will always do their level best for their consituents and many of them DO.

But as a taxpayer, one voice in the chorus that makes up our government, I have always understood that I have to make my voice heard repeatedly, ESPECIALLY in between elections.

A government that spies on its citizens in the name of security frightens me. A war that was supposed to be finished in just over a year but drags on expensively doesn't surprise me. A "free" press that asks no TOUGH questions about policy appalls me, esp. when they broadcast on PUBLIC airwaves for the benefit of the populace.

Mr. Orwell was years ahead of his time, IMO.

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"They made a pile of money on mortgage securities and now the tax payers have to pick up the mess after the money is gone."

Thats what it boils down to. Investment banks made decisions that led the country into recession and now THEY want a handout? Yeah right (not).

Businessweek had a cover story "Recession Time" by Peter Coy (March 13) that said as much.


The airwaves and blogosphere are alive with people who say nothing should be done. They argue that intervening now would only delay the inevitable liquidation of credit-fueled excesses. "Under proposed bailouts, responsible people lose and have to give their money to gamblers, liars, and sleazy lenders," says the widely followed housing blog.

I tried to post the link, but got the following message from GW. So if you want to read the story, just google the title and author.

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Who now owns this website?

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