Can an owner install his own pellet stove?

DrynDustyMay 22, 2005

So,is it possible to install your own stove and meet code and not void your warantee? I queried Harmon Stoves who replied yes it could be done without setting the house on fire. Anyone actually do this?


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Yes, but there are a lot of risks. If you are going to do it read the instructions that come with the stove very thoroughly. You cannot: make lots of turns in the pipes or angle the pipe. You also must use stove pipe inside and chimney pipe outside. Also check the warranty on the stove, is it voided if not done by a certified tech?

All in all, unless you are a very handyman type person, I would suggest getting a certified installer. By certified I mean either NFI or by the manufacturer. And make sure the person who comes out is the one certified.

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I put my first pellet stove in myself. It was a simple installation,straight out the side of the house. Biggest pain was cutting the hole and putting the thimble in. Just use pellet stove pipe. 2nd one in the new house let the dealer put it in. House is stucco. Figured if they broke the stucco they would pay to fix it. Plus I didn't want to lug the stove around. Not a job for anyone without advanced handyman skills.

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Yes you can install your own stove....

Harman has great instruction manuals and they can be downloaded from their website before you purchase the stove to see if it is something you want to tackle. You need to have some knowledge of the building and be able to follow local codes.

I removed an old zero clearance fireplace and installed the Harman zero fire box and a pellet insert. I plan to put a freestanding in the other end of my house this summer.

If you choose to try it, make sure you fully understand why you are doing each step and plan EVERYTHING before you start. If you have problems or are unsure.... ask someone at the store you purchased the stove from or use this forum - (but remember.... many here are not experts).

Here is a link that might be useful: Harman Supprt

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