how to clean rusted cast iron f/p surround

trailrunnerbikerMay 26, 2006

I have 2 rusted victorian cast iron fireplace surrounds that I would like to restore. I don't know what to clean them with...Naval Jelly ? or what is best. Also I found graphite black hearth polish but only in the UK....I don't want to just paint them any old color but want to get them back the way they were. Any help would be very welcome. THANK YOU.

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Naval jelly works great.

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Thank you i am off to Lowes. Do you know what I can use then to seal it and give it the stove blacking finish that it should have ?

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I'd advise AGAINST using Naval Jelly, at least until you exhaust other methods.

One thing I've found to be particularly effective on cast iron is WD-40 and coarse steel wool.

Hose the area down with WD-40, and then leave it sit for about 10 minutes.

Then, hose it down again and scrub well with the steel wool, adding more WD-40 as necessary.

This works well against light to moderate surface rust, and you don't run the risk of pitting that you do with Naval Jelly.

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i use naval jelley all the time, cant say it does any harm, but thats your call. All i know it works. I use it in my shop when stoves come in rusty. You need to re blacken it with stove polish, one manufature of stove polish is rutland.

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Thanks I will get the Rutland product , it looks exactly like what I was needing....Jury is still out about Naval Jelly...may have to get it on the QT...web sites seem to make it safe enough with moderate precautions. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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