What does CMU stand for?

wwwonderwhiskersMay 4, 2011

We're building, and the mason is not understanding my simple question of "What does CMU stand for?" Google normally helps with the legions of industry specific terminology, acronyms, and other muddy jargon that is used. This was a SIMPLE QUESTION, and he is missing it by leaps & bounds.

Corner Masonry Unit?? Could that be it?

Cemented Masonry Unit??

What he said was ""I will work up pricing based on the CMU fireplace with the 45* on the corners and the split wface stone in a drystack with the arch""


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This is where it gets tricky, typically, cmu means "clay masonry unit" however it can also be used for concrete masonry unit, in which case he is using cheaper concrete "bricks" instead of fired clay units which hold color and are considerably more durable and appealing. I would make sure he's very clear on what kind of masonry units he will be using, although, it's likely you've already picked them out in which case, you will know whether you've chosen clay or cheaper concrete bricks.

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CMU = Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh PA.

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Thanks berlin. (cute garyg) For the inside of the place where the wood burns, he did use the yellow fire-brick. The framing is cinderblock atop a poured concrete base.


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