Catalytic Wood Stove

stonehouse24May 31, 2009

My cousin has offered me his Vermont Castings cast iron wood stove (10 years old+/-). It is a small catalytic model. However, the catalytic unit needs replacement (expensive). I plan on only using the stove on an intermittant basis (2X/week) to help heat a workshop. Can the catalytic unit be removed or bypassed? Will the stove still burn wood ok without the catalytic unit? Any advice/information would be appreciated.

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The Cat is there for a reason. And that's to make the stove burn clean. Without it you have a "Smoke Dragon". The cat burns off the smoke (unburned HEAT) and therefore the air is still clean. Cats aren't THAT expensive, so replace it and enjoy.

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Can you access it to clean it? My father-in-law has the Vermont Castings and cleans his catalyst every year.

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