how much is used furniture worth?

charitydeyonFebruary 8, 2007

Hi there, I have a weird question. My sister-in-law has let my husband and I use some of her furniture for a year because of their lack of space, and now she's asking if we'd like to buy it. It's a microsuede couch and love seat, a simple coffee table and 2 end tables in descent shape that have a cherry finish.

It's all in good shape, but is probably 3-4 years old.

I know furniture doesn't re-sale well, and I don't want to get ripped off, but I don't know the brand names, although I have to assume they are mid to low end brands if bought in this town. :-)

Thanx for your help!


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Why don't you let your SiL name a figure she'd like to see and you negotiate from there? Certainly some pieces (famous designer, rare woods, etc.) command higher prices (though these don't sound like those); you also have to factor in not having living room furniture and the (relative) hassle of buying some to replace it. I'd put it in your SiL's court: have her research an appropriate price, propose it, and see if you are willing to go for it.

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Try to find some similar pieces wherever she bought it or at least a store of the same quality items. Then add it all up and offer not more than 30% of the new prices. Take a look at for your city and you will see prices people are asking for used furniture. I think 30% would be on the high end.

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I have to say furniture is not worth much unless its hard to find, antique or a very high-end brand. My DH's grandmother moved to Florida and we had to get rid of all her furniture. The furniture was in good condition and decent brands (broyhill, kushman colonial creations, ethan allen) etc. After advertising on Craiglist, it was virtually impossible to sell for more than $100-$200 b/c it's such a pain to transport furniture. Many people who are looking for furniture bargains feel its not worth the hassle, especially when you can go to a inexpensive store, pay a couple of hundred dollars more and get the furniture delivered.

My FIL made a custom 3 piece entertainment unit in solid hardwood- it's beautiful but big for our house. He sold it for $75 b/c it was too big to transport. I guess my point is that I would try not to overpay but still give her a fair price. Chances are if you don't buy it, she won't be able to sell it for much. Good Luck.

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