best way to clean granite flooring

dinosaur1January 18, 2012

We have 12x12 granite tile flooring in our kitchen. Normally I use a microfiber pad and broom like stick that i bought at Costco and clean it with floor cleaner (safe for granite as the label says). It hazes up way too much after some foot traffic and as we cook, etc...

Whats the beat way to clean this type of flooring to make it shine and to clean it?


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Smooth and shiny isn't a good choice for a kitchen from both a safety and maintenance aspect. Shiny floors require a lot more maintenance than matte ones. They show everything. Your cleaning routine is fine. It just needs to be performed more often if you want pristine floors. The shine is inherent in the granite due to it's being polished with diamond polishing pads. Any topical solution applied on top of it will make it even more hazardous underfoot than it already is when wet.

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What I'd I use 7 to 1 water and vinegar?
Or a steam cleaner that cleans and dries?

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Steam. Does not have to be expensive. Check out Wagner steam cleaners, there are similar units, apex $100, works great for cleaning other stuff too!

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We have an "absolute black" granite floor. I use vinegar & water with a drop of dishwashing soap - It cleans up beautifully. If something is stuck on, just mop a bit of water on, let it sit for a minute then go back to it. (If you are in a hurry, a single edge razor blade works on stuck on bits.) I just have a regular string mop, no fancy equipment.

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I dont have a mop but I do have a microfiber pad/broom stick i use. I bought it at Costco It also has a small water tank.

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Real granite is pretty tough stuff.

Many of the stones sold as granite are anything but tough.

Test everything in a hidden area.

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